Ford Ranger Ladder/Cargo Rack, Custom Order.

Michael, owner of a local Roofing Company, had a specific request for his Ford Ranger.

Manufacture to Michael’s design, the Ladder Cargo Rack has been fabricated in Mild Steel Tube, with Laser Cut mounts with integral side cargo strap mounts either side.

It was also manufactured to incorporate the Cargo Bed Roll Top Cover, already fitted to the vehicle.

The finished Rack was subsequently Powder Coated, Satin Black, and mounted to the Truck at RS Fabrications, Towcester.

Call Russell or Sarah for further details on your Fabrication requirements.

RS Fabrications Update

Picking up from last year, a lot has been happening at RS Fabrications, Towcester.

A last minute trip to Zyrus on the Lamborghini Project, resulted in Russell flying to Norway, with selected welding equipment, for certain installation modifications that were required on the Huracan LP1200.

Turbo Power upgrades, including Manifolds, Turbo’s, Intercoolers and Radiators [Oil & Water] have been developed  at RS Fabrications for the monster Lamborghini.


RS Fabrications continued through the festive season with some interesting projects, some of which we cannot mention of publish due to Non Disclosure documentation.

Sensitivities associated with some fabrication projects are limited in technical information and photographic reproduction, and at any level, on the RS Fabrications Website.

Mini Spares and Vehicle Build continue, with Trickett Mini Sprint No 37 receiving a Roll Cage. TSK 798, received a 45mm x 2.5 Wall thickness [1.75″ x 12 swg] CDS Cage bent up especially for the sprint, due to the lower Roof & Body Line.

“We manufacture cages for various customers and thought why not put one in the 2nd Sprint” commented Russell “just a rear section cage was welded into the modified Trickett shell, as the theme for this Sprint is a Race Retro look” he continued.


The Race Retro Trickett Sprint will be finished in Dove Grey/Black Roof and TSK 798 will receive a 1330 Engine that has been sourced locally for this particular Project.

With a day out planned at the Silverstone Classic, Russell drove the Austin A30 home from the workshop, for the event the following day.

The Austin is a front running Classic Race Car and finished 2nd at the 2017 Silverstone Classic Event. The car is also a contender for the HRDC Academy Racing Series.

The A30 was also driven by “Howard” from “Take That” at the Goodwood Event in 2016.


The vehicle is currently for sale and available for an investment opportunity.

Also on display at the Silverstone Classic was Sarah’s 550 Spyder.

With pride of place on the Porsche Owners Club Stand the Spyder received a lot of attention, as you would expect, even in the rain.

Current plans for the vehicle are currently on hold, as a substantial offer for the 550 Spyder is being considered.

Further inquiries should be directed to Russell or Sarah at RS Fabrications on 01327 354445 or directly to:-




Jason, Str8six, TVR Tuscan Speed Six 400R [Le Mans 2004]

Jason dropped of his TVR Tuscan Speed Six last week for exhaust completion and side exit silencers.

Previous work had been completed on the manifolds, prior to its arrival at RS Fabrications Towcester, and now it was back for Secondary Pipework and Twin Silencers.

Ben 10 & Chi took on the fabrication duties, having to manufacture and mount Twin Silencers in the restrictive Bodywork/Side Skirt arrangement on the Chassis.

” It was like decorating your front room through your letter box”, commented Russell “and a challenge to fit the largest Twin Silencer Package possible, withing the refines of the Chassis and External Bodywork on the Tuscan Speed Six 400R Le Mans TVR.

Utilising custom “V” Band clamps, machined for the application, the equal length secondary pipework ran from the Front Section [3 into 1 collectors] and into the Silencer Package, mounted on the chassis to allow for Exhaust expansion at temperature.

Exhaust Cooling was addressed with Internal Louvres bodywork underside, and a rear Exit Duct in front of the LH Rear Wheel, with mesh & turning vanes for the Hot Air exit.

Hours invested at RS Fabrications and collected on Thurs, time is of the essence! as Jason is running the TVR at the Spa Classic, Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps, 17-19 May 2019.

Let hope we do not run out of essence!

For any question call Russell or Sarah at RS Fabrications on 01327 354445.

RS Fabrications Trickett Mini Sprint No. 29, 199 XVB Update

Fresh from paint before Christmas, 199 XVB  has been moved to the satellite RS Fabrications Special Projects workshop, Silverstone.

Sean Dodd, Ex David Brown Automotive/Prodrive Technician etc, has been helping, sorting parts and moving the project forward.

1380 Engine install, with front & rear subframes attached, the process begins on the assembly of the Neville Trickett Mini Sprint.


Attention to detail being the key factor on this build, note the concave Cibie 7 inch headlights, circa 1970-80, found by Russell on a recent trip to France,. Gold Dust!!

“Things from the past are etched on your mind, and I remember seeing these particular headlights [in period on a Mini], at an Alexandra Palace Car Show” Russell commented. “I had to have these on our Sprint as you can see!, £’s don’t ask!!” he continued.

What a transformation from the original Classic Mini MK1 purchased 2 years ago!!

As you can see below. its been a long road, determination, man hours, it happening!!

Updates on the Trickett Mini Sprint No. 29 Build to follow……………

Contact Russell or Sarah at RS Fabrications, on 01327 354445, for further details.

Trickett Mini Sprint [Trickett Sprint No 29] Work In Progress.

Fresh out of the Paintbooth, The RS Trickett Mini Sprint 199 XVB has been finished in Snowberry White with a Black Roof.

Arran has been working on the shell for an extended period of time and the results have become apparent with the quality of the finish & paintwork, as seen here.

The major work on the shell started with the bodywork where the seams have been removed, this is from work associated with Neville Trickett’s “Sprint” modifications, back in Beslon, Normandy, France in 2017.

Meanwhile, Ben 10 has taken up the duties on 1380 Engine with an RS Fabrications Performance 3 into 1 Exhaust System, 1.625″ centre pipe with 1.500″ outer pipes merged into a 3 into 1 Racing Collector. Classic Big Bore “A” Series done the RS Fab way!

The Equal Length System, seen here just tacked up, will be completed between Christmas & New Year, with the intention of Russell fitting the Subframes and Engine into the Sprint Shell before New Year. The RS Fabrications Sprint Assembly Starts here!

Updates to follow:-

RS Fabrications and Zyrus Engineering Team up on the Zyrus Lamborghini Huracan Project

Radni [Zyrus Engineering] arrived at RS Fabrications Monday, after a 1870KM trek from Norway to deliver his Lamborghini Huracan to the Towcester RS Engineering & Fabrication Facility.

After full a season in the Gatebil Championship, the pair of Huracan’s have had a hard life back in Norway.

Zyrus Engineering have big plans for 2019 including the development of their own modified Lamborghini Huracan.

Extensively redesigned by Zyrus, the Lamborgini Tuning Company will have their own version of this 4 wheel projectile, with 2 Racing variants and a Road Car for 2019.

“We have worked with Radni & Zyrus engineering in the past” commented Russell ” Having manufactured an Exhaust System on the teams Lamborghini Gallardo a few years ago. This current Huracan Project is one step beyond with a total in house re-engineering & design of  every aspect of the vehicle based around the Lamborghini chassis and power plant”

Fabrications responsibility at RS initially will be to manufacture full equal length V10 Turbo Manifolds, Turbo installations, intercoolers, as well as fluid cooling [oil engine & gearbox] as well as engine water radiator with all components built into the Zyrus engineering design criteria. Many considerations with Aero, Fluid Dynamics and the 1200 BHP Engine/Turbo installation have to be considered.

Extensive Design & Development work started back in Norway, and now continues in Towcester at RS Fab, with the prototype Zyrus Engineering Lamborghini R & D Vehicle.

” It is great for RS to be involved in this project and bring our engineering and quality fabrication skills to the table and work with Zyrus to help produce their stunning Lamborghini Huracan creation” continued Russell.

Further updates to follow as the the Zyrus project unfolds.

Associated Websites:-




Trickett Mini Sprint No 37 [TSK 798], Normandy, Return Trip to UK

Russell and Sarah returned to Normandy to collect the latest RS Fabrications, Trickett Mini Sprint.

The Mini Bodyshell was dropped off with Neville last month for the modifications that he performs to make it into a Trickett Mini Sprint.

Registered as No 37 with Neville, TSK 798  was subsequently loaded onto the trailer for the trip back to RS Fabrications Workshop Facility, Towcester, England, departing from Caen to Portsmouth for the 5 Hour  Brittany Channel Ferry Crossing.

Back at RS Fabrications, work continues on Trickett Mini Sprint No 29 [199 XVB]. This Mk 1 Shell was modified by Neville last year, see previous web update, and is due for Prime & Paintwork next month [White/Black Roof] with Aaron investing many hours in fit & Finish.

Further updates to follow as the Trickett Mini Sprint builds progress.

Call Russell or Sarah for additional information on the Trickett Projects.




Morgan Plus 8 Full Cage and Racing Component Upgrades

Mike Williams was in at RS Fabrications to collect his Morgan Plus 8 Racing Car over the weekend.

The V8 Morgan was at RS Fab for various upgrades consisting of a full cage, Lightweight Racing Seats and Competition Steering Wheel with a weld on Quick Release Boss.

The cage was templated and bent to fit the Morgan with across the car beam, seat belt mounts and side impact bars, manufactured in 1.75″  x 12 Swg ROPT 510 High Tensile Tubing, under the Hard Top.

The floor was removed and seat mounts were also welded into the chassis, along with safety straps for the propshaft, a requirement for Sportscar Racing.

Finished in Satin Black, Mike was more than Happy with the results and he now begins the task of finishing and preparing the Morgan for the uncoming 2019 Racing Season.


Next up is Mike’s Father’s Cobra, scheduled in for a Full Exhaust System, details to follow.

Jensen Interceptor, in association with JIA

Straight out of the spraybooth, the latest Jensen Interceptor was transported back to Jensen International Automotive, Banbury to continue the build of the remastered JIA Interceptor.

With the 580BHP supercharged engine conversion and all of the performance upgrades, this customer vehicle is now in the final stages of build by the technicians back at JIA.

Sepang Metallic paint being the chosen colour, the vehicle has undergone full restoration at the JIA/RS Fabrications Facility in Towcester, over the last 18 months, to bring the vehicle up to this point.

Next in the Build Schedule is a FWD Jensen FF, having extensive bodywork completed on the rare example of this 1970’s icon, full details to follow as the bodywork continues.

Trickett Mini Sprint, TSK 798, Beslon, Normandy, France

The run up to departure on the Trikett Mini Sprint Normandy trip was a little fraught to say the least!

Originally the RS Fab Discovery was lined up for the trip with the new trailer, but unfortunately the Land Rover had other plans locking itself in Drive with the starter locked out!

Departing on a recovery vehicle to Land Rover, Milton Keynes, a hasty plan was made to get a towbar on the RS Audi Avant for the trip.

Leaving under the cover of night for the drive down to Poole to catch the ferry, RS fabrications was left in the capable hands of Caroline and the lads, headed by Neil.     On route, a tyre on the Bodyshell trailer picked up a puncture 30 miles into the trip, and a quick tyre change was instigated, and then onto Poole to catch the Ferry to Cherbourg.

8 hours later, Towcester to Poole-[4.5 hours in the crossing]-Cherbourg to Belson, Russell and Sarah pulled into Chateau Trickett with TSK 798 [Racing].

Unloading the Bodyshell with Neville, Lara, Russell & Sarah was interesting to say the least, but after getting it into the Chateau/workshop, Neville wasted little time in ripping into it,  removing the roof and staring to lay out cut lines from his various intricate Mini Sprint templates.

Over lunch on the sunday, just 4 days later, the shell was inspected and was in pieces.    Meanwhile back at RS Fab Silverstone, the 1380 Test Mule Engine is taking shape for 199 XVB.

The engine is being assembled to the highest standard with RS performance product for future comparative testing, i.e. comparative to Electric Power [EV], that is not only current but ideal for a small city cars. All this is under intensive development at the RS Fabrications [Skunkworks] facility located in Silverstone, England.

Details will follow, with Dyno Testing, on this interesting Electric Vehicle project.

With a trip back to Mr Trickett, joined by Paul Wiginton in 2 weeks, TSK 798 will be back at RS Fabrications along with 199 XVB, to continue assembly at the Towcester Workshop.

If you require any additional information, do not hesitate to call Russell or Sarah on:- 01327 354445.