Yaris GR Performance Exhaust Production and Customer Fitting continues.

Yaris GR Performance Exhaust production is flat out at the the RS Fabrications Workshop, Towcester.

Orders from UK, Belgium, Greece & Switzerland have been fulfilled, with enquires received from Australia, Italy & France. A steady stream of collections and fitting components “in house” continues.

“It’s difficult to keep up with demand at present” said Russell “and Monday we have the Duke of Marlborough returning with his GR for the full Monty, we had previously been out in the RS Yaris! I think he’s recovered!!”

The Duke, James Spencer-Churchill arrived at RS Fabrications for a drive and was so impressed with the performance gains on the RS Yaris Package, and the workshop facility, that he booked his Yaris GR in on the spot. Details to follow on Mondays installation.

Covid19:- Obviously, Face Masks and Social Distancing was maintained at all times.

Some material supplies have been effected by Brexit, mainly cost, but generally supplies have been forthcoming to maintain Production.

Customers arriving, Face Masks and Social Distancing again, and the RS Performance Package installation begins.

Exhaust Options chosen and fitted, DTUK Tuning Box and ITG Panel Air Filter Installed. Fake Exhaust noise turned off and up to date RS Maps loaded. 2 Hours Installation Time and all good to go. Note RS Maps are constantly being updated as development continues.

For further information and bookings call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445

Suzuki XR69 F1 TT Aluminium Swinging Arm

Local Silverstone Bike Builder, John Simms at Trident Engineering, came into RS Fabrications with a simple request. “Russell, Can you make me some of these XR69 swinging arms?”

” No, problem!!!” was Russell’s reply. [“as always” Sarah added!]

Working from a sample Swinging arm, manufacturing tooling was designed and fabricated in house, mainly from 20mm Aluminium Tooling Plate and various Machined Mounts and Components.

Work began on the Prototype Swinging Arm, from the new tooling.

Specific Box section Aluminium had to be manufactured in house, folded and seam welded to specific dimensions. Other machined components were CNC machined.

Once the Prototype had been completed, and finished machined, the swinging arm was assembled and fitted into a customers XR69, in build at Trident Engineering, Silverstone.

With confirmation on final fit from John, a production Run of a further Qty 4 Units have been completed to the highest quality at the RS Fabrications Facility, Towcester.

Another fine example of Precision Engineering and Fabrication from Russell, Sarah and the Fabricators at RS Fabrications during these testing Covid 19 Pandemic times.

For further details contact Russell on 01327 354445

RS Fabrications Yaris GR Dyno Runs and Production

With research, Russell invested in the DTUK Performance Specialists Digital Tuning Box for the Yaris GR and with another exhaust change it was off to the Dyno, Testing.

Time invested on the Dyno has produced great results for Exhaust Tuning and Mapping of the DTUK Tuning box.

Maps have been specifically manipulated for RS Fabrications and their exhaust design and configuration, in a joint partnership between RS Fabrications & DTUK.

These Maps will be exclusive to RS Fabrications and with DTUK support further testing will be taking place in the future as development continues with the RS Fab Yaris GR.

With a long association with MRC Tuning, results show that is was time well spent.

Russell & Doug ran the Yaris GR, producing 12% gains over the standard Baseline Test that was completed at the end of last year.

Gains in overall power and torque [drivability] were achieved.


Call Russell for Current Pricing on 01327 354445  russell@rsfabrications.com

RS Fabrications, R & D, Data Collection and Analysis

“Probably the most interesting time that you can have with any vehicle is on the RS Fabrications Yaris R & D Testing Program” commented Russell recently.

Outright performance & vehicle improvement is the goal, with additional Testing and Analysis under strict Covid rules in these difficult times, but they are making headway!

Also we have been Dyno Testing Today. Results to follow………………

Yaris GR, RS Fabrications Evaluations

With evaluation runs out between Christmas & New Year, Research & Development continues at RS Fab.

From our original Test Sessions and further Road Testing our 0-60 time have dropped from  5.01 to 4.40  and our 30-70 times from 4.78 to 4.20 both on a damp cold morning but still showing some superb gains. [N.B. On a dry road we would expect the 0-60 time to drop from 4.40 to 4.20]. Further Development will continue back at the RS Workshop.

With another Dyno Session booked for this week the Yaris is back on the ramp tomorrow. Next item is the Airbox along with some additional exhaust tweeks and dB Noise Evaluation with the different Performance Exhaust options that are available.

For further details contact Russell on: 01327 354445 or russell@rsfabrications.com

Yaris Testing and Exhaust Manufacture continues at RS Fabrications

Exhaust Testing and Manufacture continues at the RS Fabrications facility in Towcester.

After testing with our straight through system on Track we proceeded to MRC Tuning, Banbury, for Dyno runs.

With limited time, we tested the Standard Yaris Exhaust System for a baseline and then tested our GRS 102, 3.0″ Centre Section with Silencer and Straight Through Rear Section 3.0″ into Twin 2.5″ Section.

Standard System produced 265-269hp and the subsequent runs with the RS Fab System produced 278hp. Good gains with the initial RS System along with actual sound.

Picking up 10hp was great and power gains were apparent through the rev range.

Further tuning and comparative test is schedule for Jan 2021, particularly the dB figures for each of the Qty 4 Performance Exhaust Systems GRS 100, 101, 102 & 103, to cater for all customer requirements.

Factory Fake Exhaust Sound & Noise Cancelling

The production Yaris GR has fake exhaust sound piped through the speakers into the cabin of the vehicle, ESE Engine Sound Enhancement and ANC Active Noise Cancellation.

It seems that the fake sound was interfering with the RS Fab Performance Exhaust sound and the noise cancellation was trying to cancel the new exhaust sound too!! This was creating a strange sound effect from the speakers.

Both the ESE and the ANC have now been turned Off, and the strange effect has been removed leaving a superb sound from the new performance system.

N.B. With the standard exhaust and the ESE/ANC turned off you can hardly hear the exhaust at all when driving the vehicle.

Customers:- Please remember to take advantage of the additional 10% discount on orders place on or before 15th Jan 2021.


Sarah or Russell on:-01327 354445 or




RS Fabrications Yaris GR Performance Exhaust Hits The Road

Exhaust development has started on the RS Fabrications Yaris GR.

RS Fabrications Yaris GR specifications:-

Cat Back Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System. Mandrel Bends, Gas Purged and fully Tig Welded to the highest specification. Direct Factory replacement. 2 Bolt Laser Cut Flange using existing Vehicle Exhaust Mounts. 3.0” ‘V’ Band Clamp [Centre Section to Rear Section]. 100mm Slash Cut Tails Pipes with internal Lining. Mirror Polished.

N.B. Tails pipes will be offered in Ceramic Coated Black & Gunmetal in the future. Custom Tips available. [These will be at an additional Charge]






GRS 100 Premium Twin Box System [85dB @ 4200 RPM]

Centre Section Silencer 3.0”

Rear Silencer 3.0” [V band clamped] Into Twin 2.5” [Splitter inside the Silencer Box]

GRS 101 Premium Single Box Rear Section [dB T.B.C.]

Straight Through 3.0” Centre Section

Rear Silencer 3.0” [V band clamped] Into Twin 2.5” [Splitter inside the Silencer Box]

GRS 102 Premium Single Box Centre Section [dB T.B.C.]

Centre Section Silencer 3.0”

Straight Through Rear Section, 3.0” [V band clamped] Into Twin 2.5”

GRS 103 Premium Straight Through System [dB T.B.C.]

Straight Through 3.0” Centre Section

Straight Through Rear Section, 3.0” [V band clamped] Into Twin 2.5”


Order are currently being taken for these Performance upgrade.

Contact Sarah on 01327 354445 or sarah@rsfabrications.com

Road Testing continues, prior to a baseline power run on 21/12/20.

Updates to follow:-

N.B. The RS Fab Yaris will be at Caffeine & Machine Sat 12/12/20 for review.


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Mini Cooper S Radford DeVille, Repeat Offender Chris Twigg

Repeat Offender Chris Twigg [long time associate & partner with Russell] purchased this stunning Classic Mini Cooper S Radford DeVille from Total Headturners.

A rare and low mileage example of the Classic Mini Cooper S, this vehicle was one of the last Coopers to leave the factory in 2000.

Having previously maintained & stored Mr Twigg’s Vehicles, due to overseas work commitments in the Oil Industry, Chris and Russell have been involved with Tuned Mini’s, Golf GTI’s, Audi UR Quattro’s and Lotus Esprit Turbo’s throughout the 1980’s & 1990’s. They still dabble in Performance Vehicles, Cars & Motorbikes together to this day.

Based in Islington London at the time, Chris & Russell had constant trips back and forth to Maidenhead, Berkshire, resulting in plenty of Road Tests back then, with the occasional European Road Trip thrown in for good measure. Chris & Russell were both working for Geosource Oil Exploration in the Sudan, and they had plenty of time to make vehicle purchase plans and  subsequent performance modifications accordingly.

Twigg’s current UR Audi Quattro started life for him in Dubai and at the end of that particular tour was shipped back to the UK, Twigg was then based in Kazakhstan. Russell was in the USA working in Motorsport, on various IMSA Racing Car Programs at this time.

RS Fabrications, then based in Banbury, looked after Twigg’s Quattro, tuning the car to a sensible 380 BHP and with 70K Kms from new the Audi is a superb example of this classic.

Moving forward, the Radford was collected by Russell, from Total Headturners, Essex, due to Chris Twigg’s further work commitments in Bahrain and a family relocation to France.

After collection, the Radford was promptly delivered to Mulsanne Automotive, Northants.

Mulsanne is an RS Fab recommended premium vehicle storage facility, run by Archie Forsyth and Sebastien Davis, mulsanneautomotive.co.uk.

RS Fabrications are very fortunate to be associated with Mulsanne Automotive, with Archie & Seb looking after numerous vehicles, racing cars, performance road cars and motorbikes, dictated by current requirements accordingly.

Promptly delivered, Twiggs Radford was Valet Prepared for storage by the team at Mulsanne, and placed undercover in their state of the art, discrete, vehicle storage facility.

When the Radford returns to RS Fab in Spring 2021, various upgrades will include an RS Performance Exhaust System and Supercharger Upgrade, specifications T.B.C.

Upgrade reports to follow.

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RS Fabrications Yaris GR Performance Project

This week RS Fabrications have taken delivery of their new Toyota Yaris GR [Circuit Edition].

This is a 2021 Development Program for RS Fabrications to explore the full potential of the already potent Gazoo Racing Homologation special.

“It was back in Lockdown when I became aware of the Toyota Yaris Build program, through some insider knowledge, so I placed an order, obviously with the additional Circuit Package and in Black” Russell commented. ” We have developed and produced vehicle tuning product for various companies, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Audi, VW, Mini etc. and decided to Tune, Design & Develop this vehicle “in house” at RS Fabrications” he continued.

Project “Yaris GRS” has been taking shape with an R & D Performance/Upgrade Plan scheduled to start Jan 2021 along with anticipated vehicle delivery. Being one of the 1st orders in the UK and the 1st Toyota Yaris GR for Steven Eagell Toyota, Northampton, suddenly a telephone call on 1st Dec confirmed ” Mr Varnals, your Yaris has arrived!”

Wednesday was a trip to Steven Eagell,  Northampton to collect the vehicle and get the Car  back to the RS Fabrications workshop.

Straight on the vehicle lift for initial evaluation and to formulate the Development Plan.

Sarah put her hand up and has taken on the duties associated with mileage accumulation, prior to the first Full Power Dyno Runs scheduled for next week. Once a 1000 Miles have been put on the Yaris GR, principally to knock the burrs of the engine components under mild work load, this will give it half a chance for future Maximum Power Runs!

“Baseline testing will start, but already the full potential of this package is apparent & impressive. A fine addition to The RS Fabrications vehicle line up” Russell added.

Updates on the RS Fabrications Yaris GRS will be available as and when they unfold.

Any further information relating to this Project, feel free to contact Russell or Sarah on:- 01327 354445.

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1961 850 Classic Mini Project Completion

What started as a small project for Russell has ended in a fantastic example of a 1961 850 Classic Mini.

Russell imported, Qty 4, Mk 1 Mini’s from South Africa and subsequently ended up keeping the best of the bunch, the 850 Mini Minor.

The other 3 have been “moved on” but this South Africa Mini, originally assemble in SA was recorded by British Heritage as CKD [complete knock down] exported from the United Kingdom in component form and assembled in South Africa.

Date of build was 4 September 1961 and recorded as a 1962 Model Year Vehicle, finished in BMC Honolulu Blue with Tartan Red interior.

Arron, RS Fabrications Vehicle Build Specialist, has lovingly restored the Classic Mk 1 with detail on paintwork and original interior that was surprisingly in good shape considering the age of the vehicle.

” Apparently I have Mini Issues, but what a superb job Arron has done on this Project” Russell commented “He has completed everything single handedly, from the repaired Bodyshell [in which Ben 10 took on the Fabrication duties] and it is a true testament to Arron’s skills. He is a valued member of the RS Fabrication Team”.

Period Stainless Steel Roof Rack, an item that RS Fabrications manufacture for David Brown Automotive, completes the package on this stunning example of a Classic Mini.

Complemented by Luggage from “my little vintage” at The Bell Plantation, Towcester, sets off the 1960’s Mini Retro Package.

A step back in time, but a step forward in vehicle restoration.

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