With 35 Years experience in motorsport fabrication and the racing car manufacturing industry, RS Fabrications started producing fabricated components at the start of January 2006 in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

The Company background is principally racing car manufacture and race team duties associated with professional competition racing. Russell, the Managing Director, has worked in Group C with Spice Engineering and Formula One with Spirit F1, three IMSA Championships and Le Mans with Nissan (NPTI). Russell ended his time in the USA as Fabrication & Machine Shop Manager with Swift Engineering, through their Indy Car and Atlantic Chassis Build. He returned to England in 1999, to continue Fabrication in the British Motorsport Industry.

After 9 Years in Banbury, Oxfordshire, RS Fabrications has relocated to their new Engineering & Fabrication facility in Towcester, Northamptonshire, near the Silverstone Racing Circuit.

With high capability in precision welding and fabrication, combined with realistic cost and calculated timeline manufacture, RS Fabrication continues to manufacture components in their fully equipped engineering and fabrication workshop.

Machinery includes:

  • 2.5m 50 Ton Safan Brakepress
  • 2.5m Metal Shear
  • Bridgeport Mill
  • Harrison Lathe
  • Mandrel Tube Bender
  • 4 Post Vehicle Lift
  • 2 Post Vehicle Lift
  • Motorcycle Lift

The Facility has 4 Fabrication Workstations, equipped with Tig Welding sets, 2 Surface Tables, 3 Fly presses, Sheetmetal Pinch Rollers and various metal forming & sanding equipment for precision fabrication. An inspection department can also verify components conformity, prior to delivery.

Northamptonshire is at the heart of British Motorsport with Towcester, adjacent to Silverstone, located in central England with good access, via M40 & M1, to all parts or the country. Also in this area there are a great number of associated engineering support suppliers.

RS Fabrications specialise in aspects of Vehicle Performance Engineering and Fabrication, covering Roll cage installation, racing car uprights and suspension components, radiators, intercoolers, fuel & oil tanks and complete Exhaust Systems. Vehicle Storage and Racing Car preparation/maintenance can also be undertaken at the Towcester facility.

Fabrication & Machining capacity has resulted in work on exhaust systems, cooling and induction hardware, motorcycle components, performance road car chassis & engine installations. Pit equipment has also been manufactured for customers in car & motorcycle racing as well as tooling for production manufacture of close tolerance fabrications. Bespoke Architectural design & fabrications have also become part of RS Fabrications work schedule.

RS Fabrications can quote on any of your individual engineering and fabrication requirements, producing finished work of the highest quality and standard.