300 plus Standing Starts, and general abuse, has taken its toll on RS Fab, Yaris GR, RS70 FAB.

Further exhaust testing this week revealed the clutch was slipping in the top gears under hard acceleration. RS70 Fab has just 2000 mile on it and a short discussion was had with Toyota. Possible warranty cover, but gearbox out to establish damage and part failure.

“Sarah and I had a discussion about the Yaris Clutch, first new car you’ve had Russell and you have killed it, followed by, why put another factory clutch back in the Yaris that may or may not be covered by warranty!!” noted Russell.

The decision was made to remove the gearbox and establish the Clutch Damage.

Ollie removed the front subframe and gearbox. Further inspection showed that the clutch was toast with the friction material hanging off the rivets. The Duel Mass Flywheel was also shot with 90 degree of slack movement, showing the cost of all the standing starts!!

Analysis showed that the OEM Standard Organic Clutch has 280 Nm and 200 ftlb and the OEM Duel Mass Flywheel is not up to the task in this case!

The OEM Flywheel weight is 20kg and the decision was made to machine a new Single Mass RS Fabrications flywheel out of EN24T and with the CAD work completed the new RS Flywheel weighs in at just 800 grams!!

The option for a 6 Paddle Clutch Plate [Full Race] and the new pressure plate produces 490 Nm and 360 ftlb, 75% increase over the standard OEM clutch items.

A question came up on one or our Yaris Group Chats, “Isn’t┬áthis setup unsuitable for daily driving”?

This was answered by Group Member David Simon :-

Quote “Lightened flywheels are great, I have one in my current car. Definitely┬ámade the engine more lively, rev up faster. Excellent for spirited driving or Track use. It will also make the engine drop RPM quicker. You’ll need more clutch control but they can be suited for daily driving depending on the individual”, Unquote.

Further options and Clutch Packages will be available from RS Fabrications.

Standard OEM setup 280 Nm 200 ftlb, Options will be:-

Duel Mass Flywheel

Organic Plate/Organic Cover [366 Nm 270 ftlb]

Paddle Rigid Plate/Paddle Cover [490 Nm 360 ftlb]

Single Mass Flywheel

Organic Plate/Organic Cover [366 Nm 270 ftlb]


4 or 5 Paddle Rigid Plate/Paddle Cover [490 Nm 360 ftlb] [Fast Road/Race]

6 Paddle Rigid Plate/Paddle Cover [490 Nm 360 ftlb] [Full Race]

Please call RS Fabrications on 01327 354445 for further details.