The final touches have been added to the optional left hand side, Single Exit [Race Spec], RS Fabrications Performance Exhaust System.

The 3.0″ diameter “front to back” Twin Silencer System has received a modified lower Rear Bumper Panel.

A New OEM rear panel received preparation work and an Aluminium infill panel was shaped/formed to fit the open RH aperture. This Aluminium panel was then fitted with skin pins to position, drilled off and then bonded and riveted into location. The Bumper Panel was then off to “Paul The Paint” to address the finish, preparation and final repaint in Jet Black to finish the installation.


” This really finishes the rear of the Yaris off for me”, commented Russell. “I personally like the 3.0” single exit rear silencer set up. Coming from a racing background I feel there is no point in splitting the exhaust gases prior to the exit from the vehicle, but I do understand the aesthetics associated with the twin exit exhaust set up. Purely subjective as with the difference in exhaust sound, tone etc. This is why we currently produce 11 different Performance Exhaust System for the Yaris GR” he continued

Other exhaust companies that have gone down the “single exit” route and have chosen the RH side of the vehicle to exit the tailpipe, not Russell!! “If it exits the rear of the Yaris on the LH side, you will know its an RS Fabrications Performance Exhaust!” 

Call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445 for further details.