Dyno Testing continued this week with further exhaust development.

A replacement 200 Cell Sport Catalytic Converter was installed along with other downpipe modifications.

Running the Twin Silencer, Twin Exit RS Exhaust System along with DTUK Tuning Box and ITG Panel Air Filter results were very encouraging.

Various maps were tried with runs consistently producing 310, 311 & 310 BHP figures and Torque figures of 429, 430 Nm repeatedly.

“The Yaris GR 310 has arrived” commented Russell “Considering when we started development with the Standard Yaris, it was running 265 with BHP 400 Nm of Torque. we have made really good gains in a relatively short space of time, culminating in the 310 BHP and 429 Nm of Torque this week. This shows a 17% Performance Gain over Standard which we are really happy with.”

Final runs of the day were completed with the 3.0″ Single Exit Silencer [Race Specification] as previously tested. No further gains were seen with this set up, but a different Exhaust Tone and higher dB recordings were experienced. It would appear that the Police were also interested in the Single Exit Silencer!! but luckily not for the same reasons.

A lower Rear Bumper Panel/Diffuser is currently being modified at RS Fabrications, Towcester, with an insert panel to fill in the RH exhaust aperture. This modified Panel will complete the single exit installation, details to follow:-

As Russell said,

The Yaris GR310 has arrived!!