Another exciting week with the arrival of a second Toyota Yaris GR.

RS12 FAB [Big Red], a welcome addition, that will double RS Fabfications development time.

RS12 Fab was immediately put on the 4 Poster Lift for the full RS Fabrications Performance Package, Twin Silencer Exhaust GR-RS 100 [The Gentlemen’s] with Carbon Tailpipes, Tuning Box & Replacement Panel filter [ITG Prototype] bringing it up to the full 300BHP specification. Additional Tumbling “RS” branded side stripes finished off the package. [RS Filters to follow]

” This gives us potentially 2 avenues of development and testing” Russell said. “Invariably one of these vehicles will be in the workshop at any time in pieces. We are constantly working and trying to extract the ultimate performance from the Yaris GR. The Vehicles give us 2 ‘Test Beds’ for back to back and Comparative Testing.” 


As manufacture on Exhaust System increases, additional tooling has been manufactured to help with production effectively doubling production. Additional fabricators have been drafted in to help with the workload. The only downside in manufacture are the increased material costing from companies in Europe. Stainless Steel costs have been increased by 20% from last years pricing alone and unfortunately has a knock on affect.

Here is the revised current RS Fabrications Product Pricing:-

GR-RS 100          Centre Section Silencer + Rear Silencer                 85 dB          £1884.00

GR-RS 101          Straight Through Centre + Rear Silencer                90 dB          £1644.00

GR-RS 102          Centre Section Silencer + Rear Straight Through    92 dB          £1464.00

GR-RS 103          Straight Through Centre & Rear Sections               95 dB          £1224.00

GR-RS 104          Single 3″ Exit Silencer + Centre Silencer                                  £1674.00

GR-RS 105          Single 3″ Exit Silencer + Straight Through Centre                     £1474.00

GR-RS 106          Single 3″  Exit Straight Through + Centre Silencer                    £1274.00

GR-RS 107          Single 3″  Exit + Centre both Straight Through                         £1074.00

Carbon Fibre Tailpipes              £150.00 Pair

Mirror Polished Tailpipes              £75.00 Pair

Stainless Burnt Tailpipes              £75.00 Pair

3.0″ Straight Cut Tailpipes            £75.00 Pair

Fake 3.0″ Tip for Side Exit RH       £75.00 [Single Exit Exhaust Only]

Exhaust Fitting                             £70.00     RS Fabrications, Towcester

RS Air Filter [ITG]                         £37.50

RS Tuning Box & App [DTUK]        £420.00  [Includes RS Fabrications Tuned Maps]

Tuning Box Installation                £100.00

Tuning Box Mount                         £40.00

Post & Packing:-

UK                                                £50.00

Europe                                        £150.00

All pricing subject to VAT

For any further Information contact:-

RS Fabrications            01327 354445