Local Silverstone Bike Builder, John Simms at Trident Engineering, came into RS Fabrications with a simple request. “Russell, Can you make me some of these XR69 swinging arms?”

” No, problem!!!” was Russell’s reply. [“as always” Sarah added!]

Working from a sample Swinging arm, manufacturing tooling was designed and fabricated in house, mainly from 20mm Aluminium Tooling Plate and various Machined Mounts and Components.

Work began on the Prototype Swinging Arm, from the new tooling.

Specific Box section Aluminium had to be manufactured in house, folded and seam welded to specific dimensions. Other machined components were CNC machined.

Once the Prototype had been completed, and finished machined, the swinging arm was assembled and fitted into a customers XR69, in build at Trident Engineering, Silverstone.

With confirmation on final fit from John, a production Run of a further Qty 4 Units have been completed to the highest quality at the RS Fabrications Facility, Towcester.

Another fine example of Precision Engineering and Fabrication from Russell, Sarah and the Fabricators at RS Fabrications during these testing Covid 19 Pandemic times.

For further details contact Russell on 01327 354445