With evaluation runs out between Christmas & New Year, Research & Development continues at RS Fab.

From our original Test Sessions and further Road Testing our 0-60 time have dropped from  5.01 to 4.40  and our 30-70 times from 4.78 to 4.20 both on a damp cold morning but still showing some superb gains. [N.B. On a dry road we would expect the 0-60 time to drop from 4.40 to 4.20]. Further Development will continue back at the RS Workshop.

With another Dyno Session booked for this week the Yaris is back on the ramp tomorrow. Next item is the Airbox along with some additional exhaust tweeks and dB Noise Evaluation with the different Performance Exhaust options that are available.

For further details contact Russell on: 01327 354445 or russell@rsfabrications.com