Exhaust Testing and Manufacture continues at the RS Fabrications facility in Towcester.

After testing with our straight through system on Track we proceeded to MRC Tuning, Banbury, for Dyno runs.

With limited time, we tested the Standard Yaris Exhaust System for a baseline and then tested our GRS 102, 3.0″ Centre Section with Silencer and Straight Through Rear Section 3.0″ into Twin 2.5″ Section.

Standard System produced 265-269hp and the subsequent runs with the RS Fab System produced 278hp. Good gains with the initial RS System along with actual sound.

Picking up 10hp was great and power gains were apparent through the rev range.

Further tuning and comparative test is schedule for Jan 2021, particularly the dB figures for each of the Qty 4 Performance Exhaust Systems GRS 100, 101, 102 & 103, to cater for all customer requirements.

Factory Fake Exhaust Sound & Noise Cancelling

The production Yaris GR has fake exhaust sound piped through the speakers into the cabin of the vehicle, ESE Engine Sound Enhancement and ANC Active Noise Cancellation.

It seems that the fake sound was interfering with the RS Fab Performance Exhaust sound and the noise cancellation was trying to cancel the new exhaust sound too!! This was creating a strange sound effect from the speakers.

Both the ESE and the ANC have now been turned Off, and the strange effect has been removed leaving a superb sound from the new performance system.

N.B. With the standard exhaust and the ESE/ANC turned off you can hardly hear the exhaust at all when driving the vehicle.

Customers:- Please remember to take advantage of the additional 10% discount on orders place on or before 15th Jan 2021.


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