Repeat Offender Chris Twigg [long time associate & partner with Russell] purchased this stunning Classic Mini Cooper S Radford DeVille from Total Headturners.

A rare and low mileage example of the Classic Mini Cooper S, this vehicle was one of the last Coopers to leave the factory in 2000.

Having previously maintained & stored Mr Twigg’s Vehicles, due to overseas work commitments in the Oil Industry, Chris and Russell have been involved with Tuned Mini’s, Golf GTI’s, Audi UR Quattro’s and Lotus Esprit Turbo’s throughout the 1980’s & 1990’s. They still dabble in Performance Vehicles, Cars & Motorbikes together to this day.

Based in Islington London at the time, Chris & Russell had constant trips back and forth to Maidenhead, Berkshire, resulting in plenty of Road Tests back then, with the occasional European Road Trip thrown in for good measure. Chris & Russell were both working for Geosource Oil Exploration in the Sudan, and they had plenty of time to make vehicle purchase plans and  subsequent performance modifications accordingly.

Twigg’s current UR Audi Quattro started life for him in Dubai and at the end of that particular tour was shipped back to the UK, Twigg was then based in Kazakhstan. Russell was in the USA working in Motorsport, on various IMSA Racing Car Programs at this time.

RS Fabrications, then based in Banbury, looked after Twigg’s Quattro, tuning the car to a sensible 380 BHP and with 70K Kms from new the Audi is a superb example of this classic.

Moving forward, the Radford was collected by Russell, from Total Headturners, Essex, due to Chris Twigg’s further work commitments in Bahrain and a family relocation to France.

After collection, the Radford was promptly delivered to Mulsanne Automotive, Northants.

Mulsanne is an RS Fab recommended premium vehicle storage facility, run by Archie Forsyth and Sebastien Davis,

RS Fabrications are very fortunate to be associated with Mulsanne Automotive, with Archie & Seb looking after numerous vehicles, racing cars, performance road cars and motorbikes, dictated by current requirements accordingly.

Promptly delivered, Twiggs Radford was Valet Prepared for storage by the team at Mulsanne, and placed undercover in their state of the art, discrete, vehicle storage facility.

When the Radford returns to RS Fab in Spring 2021, various upgrades will include an RS Performance Exhaust System and Supercharger Upgrade, specifications T.B.C.

Upgrade reports to follow.

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