What started as a small project for Russell has ended in a fantastic example of a 1961 850 Classic Mini.

Russell imported, Qty 4, Mk 1 Mini’s from South Africa and subsequently ended up keeping the best of the bunch, the 850 Mini Minor.

The other 3 have been “moved on” but this┬áSouth Africa Mini, originally assemble in SA was recorded by British Heritage as CKD [complete knock down] exported from the United Kingdom in component form and assembled in South Africa.

Date of build was 4 September 1961 and recorded as a 1962 Model Year Vehicle, finished in BMC Honolulu Blue with Tartan Red interior.

Arron, RS Fabrications Vehicle Build Specialist, has lovingly restored the Classic Mk 1 with detail on paintwork and original interior that was surprisingly in good shape considering the age of the vehicle.

” Apparently I have Mini Issues, but what a superb job Arron has done on this Project” Russell commented “He has completed everything single handedly, from the repaired Bodyshell [in which Ben 10 took on the Fabrication duties] and it is a true testament to Arron’s skills. He is a valued member of the RS Fabrication Team”.

Period Stainless Steel Roof Rack, an item that RS Fabrications manufacture for David Brown Automotive, completes the package on this stunning example of a Classic Mini.

Complemented by Luggage from “my little vintage” at The Bell Plantation, Towcester, sets off the 1960’s Mini Retro Package.

A step back in time, but a step forward in vehicle restoration.

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