Picking up from last year, a lot has been happening at RS Fabrications, Towcester.

A last minute trip to Zyrus on the Lamborghini Project, resulted in Russell flying to Norway, with selected welding equipment, for certain installation modifications that were required on the Huracan LP1200.

Turbo Power upgrades, including Manifolds, Turbo’s, Intercoolers and Radiators [Oil & Water] have been developed  at RS Fabrications for the monster Lamborghini.


RS Fabrications continued through the festive season with some interesting projects, some of which we cannot mention of publish due to Non Disclosure documentation.

Sensitivities associated with some fabrication projects are limited in technical information and photographic reproduction, and at any level, on the RS Fabrications Website.

Mini Spares and Vehicle Build continue, with Trickett Mini Sprint No 37 receiving a Roll Cage. TSK 798, received a 45mm x 2.5 Wall thickness [1.75″ x 12 swg] CDS Cage bent up especially for the sprint, due to the lower Roof & Body Line.

“We manufacture cages for various customers and thought why not put one in the 2nd Sprint” commented Russell “just a rear section cage was welded into the modified Trickett shell, as the theme for this Sprint is a Race Retro look” he continued.


The Race Retro Trickett Sprint will be finished in Dove Grey/Black Roof and TSK 798 will receive a 1330 Engine that has been sourced locally for this particular Project.

With a day out planned at the Silverstone Classic, Russell drove the Austin A30 home from the workshop, for the event the following day.

The Austin is a front running Classic Race Car and finished 2nd at the 2017 Silverstone Classic Event. The car is also a contender for the HRDC Academy Racing Series.

The A30 was also driven by “Howard” from “Take That” at the Goodwood Event in 2016.


The vehicle is currently for sale and available for an investment opportunity.

Also on display at the Silverstone Classic was Sarah’s 550 Spyder.

With pride of place on the Porsche Owners Club Stand the Spyder received a lot of attention, as you would expect, even in the rain.

Current plans for the vehicle are currently on hold, as a substantial offer for the 550 Spyder is being considered.

Further inquiries should be directed to Russell or Sarah at RS Fabrications on 01327 354445 or directly to:- russell@rsfabrications.com