Radni [Zyrus Engineering] arrived at RS Fabrications Monday, after a 1870KM trek from Norway to deliver his Lamborghini Huracan to the Towcester RS Engineering & Fabrication Facility.

After full a season in the Gatebil Championship, the pair of Huracan’s have had a hard life back in Norway.

Zyrus Engineering have big plans for 2019 including the development of their own modified Lamborghini Huracan.

Extensively redesigned by Zyrus, the Lamborgini Tuning Company will have their own version of this 4 wheel projectile, with 2 Racing variants and a Road Car for 2019.

“We have worked with Radni & Zyrus engineering in the past” commented Russell ” Having manufactured an Exhaust System on the teams Lamborghini Gallardo a few years ago. This current Huracan Project is one step beyond with a total in house re-engineering & design of  every aspect of the vehicle based around the Lamborghini chassis and power plant”

Fabrications responsibility at RS initially will be to manufacture full equal length V10 Turbo Manifolds, Turbo installations, intercoolers, as well as fluid cooling [oil engine & gearbox] as well as engine water radiator with all components built into the Zyrus engineering design criteria. Many considerations with Aero, Fluid Dynamics and the 1200 BHP Engine/Turbo installation have to be considered.

Extensive Design & Development work started back in Norway, and now continues in Towcester at RS Fab, with the prototype Zyrus Engineering Lamborghini R & D Vehicle.

” It is great for RS to be involved in this project and bring our engineering and quality fabrication skills to the table and work with Zyrus to help produce their stunning Lamborghini Huracan creation” continued Russell.

Further updates to follow as the the Zyrus project unfolds.

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