The run up to departure on the Trikett Mini Sprint Normandy trip was a little fraught to say the least!

Originally the RS Fab Discovery was lined up for the trip with the new trailer, but unfortunately the Land Rover had other plans locking itself in Drive with the starter locked out!

Departing on a recovery vehicle to Land Rover, Milton Keynes, a hasty plan was made to get a towbar on the RS Audi Avant for the trip.

Leaving under the cover of night for the drive down to Poole to catch the ferry, RS fabrications was left in the capable hands of Caroline and the lads, headed by Neil.     On route, a tyre on the Bodyshell trailer picked up a puncture 30 miles into the trip, and a quick tyre change was instigated, and then onto Poole to catch the Ferry to Cherbourg.

8 hours later, Towcester to Poole-[4.5 hours in the crossing]-Cherbourg to Belson, Russell and Sarah pulled into Chateau Trickett with TSK 798 [Racing].

Unloading the Bodyshell with Neville, Lara, Russell & Sarah was interesting to say the least, but after getting it into the Chateau/workshop, Neville wasted little time in ripping into it,  removing the roof and staring to lay out cut lines from his various intricate Mini Sprint templates.

Over lunch on the sunday, just 4 days later, the shell was inspected and was in pieces.    Meanwhile back at RS Fab Silverstone, the 1380 Test Mule Engine is taking shape for 199 XVB.

The engine is being assembled to the highest standard with RS performance product for future comparative testing, i.e. comparative to Electric Power [EV], that is not only current but ideal for a small city cars. All this is under intensive development at the RS Fabrications [Skunkworks] facility located in Silverstone, England.

Details will follow, with Dyno Testing, on this interesting Electric Vehicle project.

With a trip back to Mr Trickett, joined by Paul Wiginton in 2 weeks, TSK 798 will be back at RS Fabrications along with 199 XVB, to continue assembly at the Towcester Workshop.

If you require any additional information, do not hesitate to call Russell or Sarah on:- 01327 354445.