Miser Hybrid Technologies Managing Director, Alan Macdonald, contacted Russell at RS to assist with the fabrication associated with the development of their regenerative Daf truck transmission project.

Russell and Alan have been associated over the years, working on various Motorsport Projects, so the crossover to the Miser research & development pilot scheme was a mere formality for both parties.

Development has been underway on the Daf at Miser’s Silverstone Factory, adapting the fully automated hydraulic hybrid transmission which incorporates a sophisticated energy recovery/deployment system.

Design and packaging have been major issues with this application, with fabrication duties being undertake by RS Fabrications at their equipped facility in Towcester.

Calibration and testing continues with the UK development truck and as with previous vehicles, results are expected to show the potential of the Miser Technologies System [Ducere Holdings PTY Ltd, South Africa] in this particular patented application.

For further details contact Alan Macdonald at Miser, Silverstone, on:- 01327 317534.

Associated Website:- www.misertransmissions.com