Towcester-Poole-Cherbourg-Beslon. The Trickett Tour Starts here………..

With last years Trickett Mini Sprint 199 XVB in the paintshop, another early 1961 MK 1 shell was sourced by Russell for the RS Fabrications Research  & Development Mini Sprint Electric Vehicle Project.

Designated TSK 798 [Racing], the MK1 Shell was in really good condition, only requiring a new boot floor section, so the decision was made [after much debate] to have Neville Trickett modify the shell into a Classic Mini Sprint for No 2 Chassis on the RS EV Mini Project.

Along with work associated with David Brown Automotive, a designated Classic Mini Bodyshell Trailer was drawn up and manufactured “in house” to aid with the logistics of Bodyshell Transportation and the planned trip to Beslon, Manche, Normandy, France.


So, with the Vehicle booked in at Neville’s, it is “off on Tour” for Russell & Sarah to Chateau Trickett, for the the extensive but necessary Sprint modifications this week!

Neville will work his magic in the Chateau [Chop & Channel] for 3 weeks and transform the MK1 shell into the famous Trickett Mini Sprint, the last one to be modified by him this year, prior to Neville & Lara’s sabbatical to Thailand for the winter months.

Meanwhile Trickett Mini Sprint 199 XVB, seen here in the foreground  against a new standard Heritage Shell and below in the Spray Booth, has had a lot time invested into it.

Currently in final paint, White/Black Roof , 199 XVB is having a mule 1380 Power Plant assembled at the RS Fabrications Skunkworks, located at a the RS Fab satellite workshop in Silverstone, where the EV Trickett Sprints and other development vehicles will be assembled and tested over the coming months.

Updates on these projects and the trip to Neville Trickett/France to follow.

Any questions on this or any other RS Fabrications projects, do not hesitate to contact Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445 for additional information.