cimg9603It was an early start Friday morning for the run down to Poole to catch the 8.30am Ferry to Cherbourg.

Running the Silverstone Car Sourcing Fiat Flatbed for the trip, once boarded, it was Full English and then head down in the Cabin.

Just over 4 hours and off at Cherbourg, the 1.5 hour run to Beslon was hassle free on the empty french roads and arrived at Manoir de l’Acherie in Sainte Cecile, a delightful Hotel just outside Beslon.

Neville Trickett had completed the MK 1 Sprint Shell and it was a delight to see his work, expertise and effort that he had put into the Mini in the front room of his Chateau. You appreciate what goes on behind the weathered front doors, it really is a class act!!

It was then Load up, strap down, cover up and a quick bite of lunch with Neville, and then back on the road for the return tip to Cherbourg, obviously stopping for Fuel, Foie Gras & as much Red Wine that would fit into the cab of the Fiat Flatbead.


Back at RS Fabrications, the Sprint Shell was unloaded set up for the work to continue.cimg9742

Neville has sectioned the shell, roof height and body height [Channeled], then tacked the Mk1 back together.

Doors, Bonnet and Boot have all had the same treatment, being sectioned to fit back onto the shell.

Welding and finishing of all the seams will be completed, and then it will be many hours to prepare the shell for Paint.



Final specification of the Trickett Mini Sprint are still to be determined, but the immediate decisions are for the spec on the subframes, suspension and running gear.

For any information or requests regarding The Trickett Mini Sprint, or similar projects, do not hesitate to call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445