cimg9328aAnother weekend another Mini Project.

With a trip down to Normandy with the current RS MK 1 Mini Bodyshell and a pre-arranged booking with Neville Trickett, the RS Trickett Mini Sprint is moving forward.

” I am really fortunate to be able to get in contact with Neville and for him to work on our Mini and make it into a Trickett Mini Sprint” commented Russell.

“Sarah and I drove to Beslon, Normandy with a Flatbed Truck to meet up with Neville & Lara at Le Chateau de St Fraguaire, where the Mini will be modified by Neville [now 82 years old] in the front room of the 16th Century building. The 1963 MK1 Shell just fitted through the double front doors, on a dolley and wooden runners,” he continued.

cimg9337The Chateau, come Workshop, will be home for the RS Mini Sprint for the next 5 weeks.

The Shell has spent the last 6 weeks at RS Fabrications undergoing extensive work, new Floor and Boot Panels, RH Rear 1/4 Panel, Inner Wheel Arches, Door Skins and complete Front End with new MK 1 Bonnet. As we know, you cannot purchase a new correct MK1 Shell, even from the Heritage, so the work involved is the only alternative.

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After Blasting the Shell, the Mini spent 6 weeks at RS Fabrications with Fabricators manufacturing Body Spits and a Supporting Triangulated internal Frame. The Frame was then welded into the Door Apertures, prior to removing the floor and boot panel to hold the shell together. All other panels were Spot Welded/Mig Welded into place in succession, before the scheduled departure to France last Friday, via Cherbourg.


Hard to believe that 50 odd Years later Trickett is still producing the Sprint, a far cry from 1965 with Neville [Right] seen here having a casual chat with Sterling Moss.moss-ms-e side-view-ms-egallery-1479479727-gt-sprint-pic-3s-1a

The results are amazing, as seen in these period pictures, with Russell & Sarah looking forward to the return trip to France to collect the Sprint from Neville & Lara.

More Details to follow:-