cimg9139Russell & Pete came together again over the 100 UPP reg number, currently on the RS 550 Spyder.

On a previous adventure, Russell & Pete collaborated, manipulated & fought, for the registration number 100 UPP, with the goal to extract the registration from Pete’s grasp,!!

” It was over a 2 year period that I had to debate and haggle with Pete over the number plate, the one that he had previously owned for 39 years” said Russell, ” so it was only fitting for Pete to be reunited with 100 UPP at the charity event, at Silverstone with Black n Rounds, even though the reg was on the RS Spyder and not Pete’s MKII Jag” !!

Pete drove the RS 550 Spyder from Towcester to Silverstone, with Russell taking on the duties with N440 RS, The RS Fabrications 4.3 Aston Martin Vantage, [traction control off]!!


David Lane was in attendance with his immaculate White 912 Porsche, so fun for all.  Well we say that, but David, the previous owner of the RS 550 Spyder [Obviously without 100 UPP Registration Plate], looked in dismay at the attention the Spyder was getting, especially with the new RS fabrications Performance Exhaust System.

I’ve never seen a grown man cry in public when he sees his previous” commented Russell ” but maybe it has something to do with David’s lack of sleep, and the 10 week old Baby Lane” he continued. At least not as bad as the Grouse Shooting adventure, Lol!!


cimg9133aBack at RS Fabrications, work continues with all sorts of fabrication work. Jensen Interceptor Bodyshell manufacture is moving forward with Qty 2 Bodyshells under construction and Mercedes [Top Secret], Wipac and Individual Customer work being undertaken.

Mrs V seems quite happy with her Porsche Boxter S, KISS SJV obviously, so it seems like the Smart Car will have to move on, no loss there then!!



Jensen Interceptor work continues with RS Fabrications in Towcester [Body Preparation & Paintwork], and in Banbury with Jensen International Automotive, Vehicle Build, Road Test & Commission of High Quality Jensen Interceptor Performance vehicles.


Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445 for further information.

alternatively,  Durran Heslop, at Jensen International Automotive