Exhaust manifold development continues with Bamford Rose on the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

A recent installation on a Vantage S at the Bamford Rose workshop, took power figures from 422 bhp to a respectable 455 bhp, but that is only half the story. The installation transforms the driveability of the Aston, improving the torque and the overall response from the chassis.

Upgrades on vehicles is ongoing at  Bamford Rose as V8 manifold demand increases, and a steady production run is in full swing at the RS Fabrications facility.

The manifold system with catalytic 200 cell converters, seen above, takes a standard 4.3 Vantage from 380 bhp to 420 bhp. As mentioned, a large increase in torque is picked up in the low rpm range which improves the Vantage dynamics considerably.

The RS Fabrications R & D vehicle, affectionately know as “Alan”, is on the dyno this week for a base line test, prior to having a developmental set of manifolds fitted along with a light weight flywheel, duel plate clutch and crankshaft damper. Shane & Wayne have fabricated racing merged collectors and increased the primary length on the manifolds by 30mm. “It will be interesting to see the results when Alan is strapped back onto the dyno after the work is completed” commented Russell. ” Mrs V will be very excited the next time she is out with Alan!”

“In standard form Alan has only got away from me once, [traction control off!!]” commented Russell ” but talking with Shane we have discussed the limitations of the power compared to the handling of the chassis, and Shane has stated that after a few miles the Vantage feels positively sluggish!!

So gone are the “Pipe & Slippers”, and bring on the performance!!

The manifolds and 200 cell catalytic converters will be Zircotec coated prior to fitting, mainly to control the engine bay temperatures, and Bamford Rose will breathe on the inlet side of the motor to extract the best possible from the 4.3 V8 engine.

Further updates to follow.

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