Apex Motorsports Jaguar GT3 has undergone a complete re-finish in Kyanite Blue for the upcoming 2009 season.

Jaguar GT3After extensive modification in RS Fabrications Workshop, the Jaguar GT3 chassis underwent preparation and full re-spray at RS Racepaint. A new aero package, combined with colour change & graphics, lead to a detailed prep and 40 hours was invested into the chassis before a paint gun was filled.

” a vehicle of this calibre requires the ultimate paint job” commented Russell ” and after the fabrication work was completed with us, Apex Motorsport comissioned RS Racepaint to provide the finish they were after”.

Jaguar GT3Preparation began a week ago on No1 Chassis and under a tight deadline, due to testing requirement at Paul Ricard at the end of the month, the Bodywork & Roll Cage received meticulous attention. After three Seasons in the FIA GT3 Series a new Graphics Package was finalised at the design studio and the Jaguar Kyanite Blue Phosphor Colour was chosen. The 2009 XKR Colour has some interesting effects in the metallic buildup and extra additional particles are added directly into

Jag GT3Jag GT3Jag GT3

the Spray Gun during the paint application. The effect is a translucient blue matallic worthy of any Jaguar, racing or otherwise.

Jag GT3Jag GT3Jag GT3

Before any colour was applied, final inspection was made by Shane Harvey. “the lads in the Bodyshop did a fantastic job. Under the guidance of Ian Durham and within the short timeline, they produced the purfect base to lay the Deep Blue Metallic Paint”.

Jag GT3Jag GT3Jag GT3

The painting procedure saw the chassis rotated 12 times, to achieve full cover of the shell and Cage, and the labour intensive paint work took a further 40 hours to complete.

cimg1317Jag GT3Jag GT3

Chassis 02 is currently receiving the same treatment at RS Racepaint.