Yaris GR310 Turbo Downpipe with 200 Cell Catalytic Convertor

Previously, the RS Fabrications Turbo Downpipe on RS70 FAB produced the 310 BHP on the Dyno and prompted the arrival of the GR310. Now in production, the first item was fitted this week for customer Andrew from Leeds.

Andrew ordered his RS Fabrications Twin Silencer Box Performance Exhaust System back in February, prior to the arrival of his Yaris GR. With 600 mile under his belt, it was a trip down to RS Fab Towcester for installation. Fortunately this coincided with the Production Run for the  GR310 Turbo Downpipe.

The tooling for the Turbo Downpipe was tweaked for the final production run with the addition of Stainless Steel 3.0″ Bellows, rather than the Wire Form Flexi Joint on the prototype downpipe.

Andrew opted for the Full Monty, so the downpipe, first off the production line, was fitted to his Yaris along with the RS Fabrications Twin Silencer Performance Exhaust System. RS Fab/DTUK Tuning box and RS/ITG Panel filter completed the Package. Ollie took on the duties for the installation at RS Fab.

Installation completed, The Prof was on hand to assist with the Tuning Box upload and installation of the correct map to complete the GR310 installation for Andrew.

“Andrew is the first in the country to have the full RS Fabrications Yaris GR310 Package” Russell noted “Welcome to the Club Brother” he remarked, as only he can!

Please call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445 for further details on the potent RS Fab Yaris GR310 Package.

RS Fabrications Yaris GR, Clutch Destroyed!!

300 plus Standing Starts, and general abuse, has taken its toll on RS Fab, Yaris GR, RS70 FAB.

Further exhaust testing this week revealed the clutch was slipping in the top gears under hard acceleration. RS70 Fab has just 2000 mile on it and a short discussion was had with Toyota. Possible warranty cover, but gearbox out to establish damage and part failure.

“Sarah and I had a discussion about the Yaris Clutch, first new car you’ve had Russell and you have killed it, followed by, why put another factory clutch back in the Yaris that may or may not be covered by warranty!!” noted Russell.

The decision was made to remove the gearbox and establish the Clutch Damage.

Ollie removed the front subframe and gearbox. Further inspection showed that the clutch was toast with the friction material hanging off the rivets. The Duel Mass Flywheel was also shot with 90 degree of slack movement, showing the cost of all the standing starts!!

Analysis showed that the OEM Standard Organic Clutch has 280 Nm and 200 ftlb and the OEM Duel Mass Flywheel is not up to the task in this case!

The OEM Flywheel weight is 20kg and the decision was made to machine a new Single Mass RS Fabrications flywheel out of EN24T and with the CAD work completed the new RS Flywheel weighs in at just 800 grams!!

The option for a 6 Paddle Clutch Plate [Full Race] and the new pressure plate produces 490 Nm and 360 ftlb, 75% increase over the standard OEM clutch items.

A question came up on one or our Yaris Group Chats, “Isn’t this setup unsuitable for daily driving”?

This was answered by Group Member David Simon :-

Quote “Lightened flywheels are great, I have one in my current car. Definitely made the engine more lively, rev up faster. Excellent for spirited driving or Track use. It will also make the engine drop RPM quicker. You’ll need more clutch control but they can be suited for daily driving depending on the individual”, Unquote.

Further options and Clutch Packages will be available from RS Fabrications.

Standard OEM setup 280 Nm 200 ftlb, Options will be:-

Duel Mass Flywheel

Organic Plate/Organic Cover [366 Nm 270 ftlb]

Paddle Rigid Plate/Paddle Cover [490 Nm 360 ftlb]

Single Mass Flywheel

Organic Plate/Organic Cover [366 Nm 270 ftlb]


4 or 5 Paddle Rigid Plate/Paddle Cover [490 Nm 360 ftlb] [Fast Road/Race]

6 Paddle Rigid Plate/Paddle Cover [490 Nm 360 ftlb] [Full Race]

Please call RS Fabrications on 01327 354445 for further details.


Yaris GR/RS Fabrications Performance Exhaust Production

Exhaust Production is in full swing at the RS Fabrications workshop facility in Towcester.

Currently manufacturing 11 different Yaris GR Performance Exhaust System to cater for all customers.

“We currently supply 2 Toyota Dealers and support various Yaris Groups with our exhaust product” commented Russell “in addition we have the complete power upgrade package, Performance Exhaust, RS/DTUK Tuning Box & RS/ITG Air Filter. The Entry Level system is popular [supplied on an exchange basis] and power options go up from there, 290, 300 & 310” he continued.


Feel free to contact Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445 with you Yaris GR Performance upgrade requirements.


Yaris GR Single Exit Exhaust, 3.0″ Front to Back, with Rear Panel Modification

The final touches have been added to the optional left hand side, Single Exit [Race Spec], RS Fabrications Performance Exhaust System.

The 3.0″ diameter “front to back” Twin Silencer System has received a modified lower Rear Bumper Panel.

A New OEM rear panel received preparation work and an Aluminium infill panel was shaped/formed to fit the open RH aperture. This Aluminium panel was then fitted with skin pins to position, drilled off and then bonded and riveted into location. The Bumper Panel was then off to “Paul The Paint” to address the finish, preparation and final repaint in Jet Black to finish the installation.


” This really finishes the rear of the Yaris off for me”, commented Russell. “I personally like the 3.0” single exit rear silencer set up. Coming from a racing background I feel there is no point in splitting the exhaust gases prior to the exit from the vehicle, but I do understand the aesthetics associated with the twin exit exhaust set up. Purely subjective as with the difference in exhaust sound, tone etc. This is why we currently produce 11 different Performance Exhaust System for the Yaris GR” he continued

Other exhaust companies that have gone down the “single exit” route and have chosen the RH side of the vehicle to exit the tailpipe, not Russell!! “If it exits the rear of the Yaris on the LH side, you will know its an RS Fabrications Performance Exhaust!” 

Call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445 for further details.

Yaris GR Entry Level RS Performance Cat Back Exhaust System

Further Exhaust Development continues at RS fabrications, Towcester.

Using a standard donor Exhaust System, this Entry Level Cat Back Performance System utilises the standard OEM Center Resonator Silencer and the RS Fabrications Twin Exit Rear Silencer. The 2 items have been prepared and Tig welded together, combining the 2 exhaust components to make up the GR-OEM 100 Cat back Performance System.

A Second System is also offered, the GR-OEM 101 with an un restricted Straight Through Rear Section.


Dyno testing this week produced really encouraging results for this system.

RS70 FAB Standard [As Dyno Tested]

265 BHP  399 Nm Torque 

OEM Centre Section with RS Fabrications Rear Box Only

272 BHP  410 Nm Torque

OEM Centre Section with RS Fabrications Rear Box, RS/DTUK Tuning Box, RS/ITG Filter

296 BHP 420 Nm Torque


Note:- MRC Tuning Dyno Sheet, typical run comparison.

The GR OEM 100 & 101 are supplied on an Exchange Basis only, you supply your system and you get the upgraded system in return. Fitting at RS Fabrications is available, Drive in/Drive out service that takes approx 1 Hour to complete.

Pricing for the Entry Level Systems are:-

GR-OEM 100 £830.00 + Vat £996.00 

Factory Centre Section and RS Fab Performance Rear Silencer, with Mirror Polished Tailpipes

GR-OEM 101  £525.00 + Vat £630.00

Factory Centre Section and RS Fab Performance Straight Through Rear, with Mirror Polished Tailpipes

Carbon Fiber Tailpipe £75.00 + Vat £90.00

Fitting RS Fabrications £70.00 + Vat £84.00

N.B. Performance Exhaust Systems supplied on an OEM Exhaust Exchange Basis Only.


RS Fabrications is also offering the complete Yaris GR Performance Package, Installed:-

GR-RS 290 Package £1392.50 + Vat £1671.00

Factory Centre Section and RS Fab Performance Rear Silencer, with Mirror Polished Tailpipes

RS Fabrications/DTUK Tuning Box

RS Fabrications Tuning Box Mount [Red, Black or Clear Anodise]

RS Fabrications/ITG Panel Air Filter 

Fitting RS Fabrications, 2 Brackley Road, Towcester, NN12 6DJ

Alternatively the straight through rear section option is also offered in a package:-

GR-RS 291 Package £1087.50 + Vat £1305.00

Factory Centre Section and RS Fab Performance Straight Through Rear, with Mirror Polished Tailpipes

RS Fabrications/DTUK Tuning Box

RS Fabrications Tuning Box Mount [Red, Black or Clear Anodise]

RS Fabrications/ITG Panel Air Filter 

Fitting RS Fabrications, 2 Brackley Road, Towcester, NN12 6DJ

N.B. Performance Exhaust Systems Packages supplied on an OEM Exhaust System Exchange Basis Only.

Contact Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445 for further Details and Orders

Yaris GR RS Fabrications/DTUK Tuning Box Mount

The RS Fab/DTUK Yaris GR Tuning Box Mount has been designed and manufacture at RS Fabrications.

The Aluminium Mounting Bracket feature Lightening Swage Holes for stiffness and comes in a choice of 3 Anodised Colours.

Black, Red, Clear Anodise and features M6 Captive Nuts for the Tuning box, M8 threaded extensions that connect the the vehicle, and Stainless Steel Button head screws/washers that complete the installation.

The M6 trap nuts enable the Tuning box to be removed with just one tool, rather than having to use an Allen Key and a Spanner.

Brackets are £48.00 including VAT, £54.00 including UK Shipping/VAT and £50.00 Europe with shipping, no VAT for Europe.

You can order direct from RS fabrications via e-mail, stating name and address, bracket colour and an invoice will be sent to you. Payment can be taken Via BACS or PayPal and shipping is next day sign for. Contact:-russell@rsfabrications.com or sarah@rsfabrications.com  


Call Russell or Sarah if you require any further details on 01327 354445

Yaris GR Dyno Testing continues, RS Fabrications development.

Dyno Testing continued this week with further exhaust development.

A replacement 200 Cell Sport Catalytic Converter was installed along with other downpipe modifications.

Running the Twin Silencer, Twin Exit RS Exhaust System along with DTUK Tuning Box and ITG Panel Air Filter results were very encouraging.

Various maps were tried with runs consistently producing 310, 311 & 310 BHP figures and Torque figures of 429, 430 Nm repeatedly.

“The Yaris GR 310 has arrived” commented Russell “Considering when we started development with the Standard Yaris, it was running 265 with BHP 400 Nm of Torque. we have made really good gains in a relatively short space of time, culminating in the 310 BHP and 429 Nm of Torque this week. This shows a 17% Performance Gain over Standard which we are really happy with.”

Final runs of the day were completed with the 3.0″ Single Exit Silencer [Race Specification] as previously tested. No further gains were seen with this set up, but a different Exhaust Tone and higher dB recordings were experienced. It would appear that the Police were also interested in the Single Exit Silencer!! but luckily not for the same reasons.

A lower Rear Bumper Panel/Diffuser is currently being modified at RS Fabrications, Towcester, with an insert panel to fill in the RH exhaust aperture. This modified Panel will complete the single exit installation, details to follow:-

As Russell said,

The Yaris GR310 has arrived!!

RS Fabrications Yaris, addition to the Family. GReat News

Another exciting week with the arrival of a second Toyota Yaris GR.

RS12 FAB [Big Red], a welcome addition, that will double RS Fabfications development time.

RS12 Fab was immediately put on the 4 Poster Lift for the full RS Fabrications Performance Package, Twin Silencer Exhaust GR-RS 100 [The Gentlemen’s] with Carbon Tailpipes, Tuning Box & Replacement Panel filter [ITG Prototype] bringing it up to the full 300BHP specification. Additional Tumbling “RS” branded side stripes finished off the package. [RS Filters to follow]

” This gives us potentially 2 avenues of development and testing” Russell said. “Invariably one of these vehicles will be in the workshop at any time in pieces. We are constantly working and trying to extract the ultimate performance from the Yaris GR. The Vehicles give us 2 ‘Test Beds’ for back to back and Comparative Testing.” 


As manufacture on Exhaust System increases, additional tooling has been manufactured to help with production effectively doubling production. Additional fabricators have been drafted in to help with the workload. The only downside in manufacture are the increased material costing from companies in Europe. Stainless Steel costs have been increased by 20% from last years pricing alone and unfortunately has a knock on affect.

Here is the revised current RS Fabrications Product Pricing:-

GR-RS 100          Centre Section Silencer + Rear Silencer                 85 dB          £1884.00

GR-RS 101          Straight Through Centre + Rear Silencer                90 dB          £1644.00

GR-RS 102          Centre Section Silencer + Rear Straight Through    92 dB          £1464.00

GR-RS 103          Straight Through Centre & Rear Sections               95 dB          £1224.00

GR-RS 104          Single 3″ Exit Silencer + Centre Silencer                                  £1674.00

GR-RS 105          Single 3″ Exit Silencer + Straight Through Centre                     £1474.00

GR-RS 106          Single 3″  Exit Straight Through + Centre Silencer                    £1274.00

GR-RS 107          Single 3″  Exit + Centre both Straight Through                         £1074.00

Carbon Fibre Tailpipes              £150.00 Pair

Mirror Polished Tailpipes              £75.00 Pair

Stainless Burnt Tailpipes              £75.00 Pair

3.0″ Straight Cut Tailpipes            £75.00 Pair

Fake 3.0″ Tip for Side Exit RH       £75.00 [Single Exit Exhaust Only]

Exhaust Fitting                             £70.00     RS Fabrications, Towcester

RS Air Filter [ITG]                         £37.50

RS Tuning Box & App [DTUK]        £420.00  [Includes RS Fabrications Tuned Maps]

Tuning Box Installation                £100.00

Tuning Box Mount                         £40.00

Post & Packing:-

UK                                                £50.00

Europe                                        £150.00

All pricing subject to VAT

For any further Information contact:-

RS Fabrications            01327 354445

Russell                            russell@rsfabrications.com

Sarah                               sarah@rsfabrications.com

Yaris GR Performance Project, Update Week 6, Customers & Development

The RS Fabrications Yaris GR Performance Project continues to expand, rapidly!!

Production, Sales, Shipping, Customer Vehicle Installation and continued Research & Development makes for busy times at the RS Fabrications Workshop.

First up was Adam this week, car enthusiast from Warwickshire he currently owns various Performance Cars, most noticeable being a his immaculate Lancia Intergrale. Adam understands Performance Engineering & Fabrication and booked his Yaris GR in for the full RS Fab Package.

Adam opted for the GS-RS 100 Centre Section Silencer & Rear Silencer [coined “The Gentlemen’s Exhaust” by The Duke] with Mirror Polished Rolled in Slash Cut Tips, along with the Tuning Box, Tuning Box Mount, and RS [ITG] Performance Air Filter.

Meanwhile, the RS Fabrications Yaris, RS70 FAB, has been back in the workshop for a 3.0″ Single Exit Rear Silencer upgrade, in combination the the current 3.0″ Centre Section Silencer. Interesting difference in sound and further development is required along with a 3D printed infill panel for the RH aperture in the diffuser section of the rear bumper.

Along with  our current Yaris GR Performance Exhaust Range, Qty 4 Different Systems, this brings the RS Fabrications Exhaust Options List up to Qty 8 different set ups to suite any application and personal taste. We cater for different levels of noise over the range.

Yaris seen here in Test Condition, further Dyno and Road Testing is planned on this Single Exit System. N.B. this Rear System can be run with or without Centre Section Silencer.

RS70 FAB is back on the Rollers this week with further Exhaust Development, of which components are currently in manufacture at RS  Fab, Towcester, updates to follow……

Duke of Marlborough, Toyota Yaris GR 300 BHP Performance Upgrades,

Interesting start to the week with the Duke of Marlborough bringing his Toyota Yaris GR to RS Fabrications for the full RS Fabrications Performance Upgrade.

Full Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust with Carbon Fiber Tips , DTUK Tuning box with RS Fabrications Map [developed on the Dyno], and ITG Panel Air Filter. The Duke also opted for the RS Fab side stripe package.

“I met up with the Duke last week when he came to RS Fabrications to drive our Development Yaris” commented Russell, “We appear to have some common ground and James understood the detail and finer points of precision fabrication and quality” he continued

He arrived Monday with his Yaris GR, that was only delivered last Friday, and the installation Started with Ben 10 taking on the Exhaust Install duties on the 4 Poster Vehicle Lift.

The Prof, [Michael] RS Fabrications Tuning Consultant, performed the DTUK Tuning Box install and loaded the same files [RS Fabrications current Map] onto the Tuning box.

Identical specification to the RS Fabrications Development Vehicle the prototype Induction Technology Group Panel Filter [as previously tested] was put onto the Red Yaris, as the RS Fab Branded Panel Filters are in manufacture at ITG, Coventry.

  Development continues on the Black RS Fab Yaris GR this week and the Vehicle will be back on the Dyno later this week with additional performance & development components.

Next week the second RS Fab Yaris GR vehicle arrives, in Red this time, so that the RS Development Program can be accelerated.

Russell and the Prof have an extended list of Research & Development improvements that have to be applied to both Vehicles, doubling the ability to bring New Product to the rapidly expanding Toyota Yaris GR Market.

Exciting Times lay ahead!!

Please Contact Russell or Sarah if you have any questions regarding the RS Fabrications Yaris Performance Project on 01327 354445 and get further up to date information.