Skoda Superb III 4×4 Journey, ending at RS Fabrications

What do you call a Skoda with twin tailpipes?

A wheel Barrow!!!   Good job its a Family 4 Door saloon not a convertible or else it would be a Skip!! circa 1980!!

Bloody hell!, this Skoda, less than a year old, is Ballistic, trust me!

What started life as a 280 BHP Superb has morphed into a Savage 520 BHP Rocket Ship!!

Steve, normally seen lapping up the sun in the Med, had other ideas about his Vehicle. Family, family saloon? Not Steve!!

The journey that started with small increments, 323, 340, 345, 368, and a massive jump with a Hybrid Turbo to 460, ended up at RS Fabrications with 505.

Full Cat Back System, Qty 2 silencers in the centre section with a 1 into 2 split, ending up with twin silencers on the rear section and twin rolled in slashcut tailpipes finished in Satin Black.

” We managed to get another 15 BHP out of it with our system and trust me, the acceleration at 520 with 4×4 in a family saloon was astounding. I took Sarah out for a run and she asked me to slow down as it was making her feel sick, that is the extent of the power in this Vehicle!! ” commented Russell

A quick blast up the strip at Santa Pod, produced a 11.4 E.T., not bad for a run to Tesco’s for some milk!!

Out with the family, things are regular, or as regular as they can be!

“Steve, what is that noise our car is making?”

“I’m not sure Darling, must be something with the VAG mapping issues, soz!, but it seems a lot better after my recent trip to RS”

Happy Days, this a brutal 520 BHP Family Saloon……………… not bad for a Wheel Barrow!!

For further information please call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445.

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Aston Martin V8 Vantage Performance Upgrade for Dennis

Straight off the back of the Burghley Aston Martin Charity Event, Dennis arrived at the RS Fabrications facility in Towcester last week for a pair of RS 200 cell Catalytic Converters for his 4.7 Vantage, a popular performance upgrade for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

A quick tour of the workshop, and Ben 10 took on the duties for the installation on the vehicle.

Dennis & Russell jumped in the RS N440 Vantage, a Road Test for Dennis, and a trip off to Greatworth Park to meet with David Appleby. David gave Dennis the tour around the GT4 Aston Martin Vantages that he is currently running in the British GT Championship, along with other projects at the David Appleby Engineering Workshop.

Back at RS Fab the installation was complete, so it was out in the 4.7 for the Road Test.

A quick blast up to the Silverstone Innovation Centre was enough to put a smile on the face of Dennis and a chat about other performance upgrades for his Aston Martin Vantage.

Dennis works off shore and splits his time 50/50, but he will be back to RS, first available!!

Call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445, for your Aston Martin performance upgrade requirements.

Burghley House, Aston Martin Day Out!

Another splendid day spent at Burghley House with David Appleby Engineering and customers past and present.

David Appleby Engineering is the leading installer of the RS Fabrications Aston Martin Performance Product, Manifolds and Tuned Exhaust Systems, this was chance to have a fun charity day out for the DAE workforce, the GT4 Race Team, and all the  1000+ Aston Martin Owners present at the event.

Matthew George was on hand to explain the finer points of driving the Astor Martin GT4, much to Sarah’s delight, but she has had a previous at Silverstone with DAE and the British GT Championship a few weeks ago!

On top of the racing side of things, RS Fabrications still produce the best Aston Martin Performance Product on the market, but as with everything, you get what you pay for!!

Also on hand was N0 23 of the 24 Aston Martin Vulcan,s built.

This Vulcan attracted a steady stream of enthusiasts and some were treated to the occasional “Fire Up” by Stuart, the vehicle owner.

Well, a splendid day out all in all, with continued support for Aston Martin Owners in pursuit of quality performance product for their vehicle.

Do not hesitate to call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445, at the RS Fabrications manufacturing facility in Towcester.

Performance Exhaust product, Made in England, ready to ship globally!


Lamborghini/Radni GT3, back in the Saddle!!

Lamborghini GT3/Radni, back into RS Fabrications for a complete exhaust system prior to a test day this week. Exhaust suppression being the key to the new system.

Radni dropped off the Lambo the week before, after the “Midnight Oil” episode, with the strict instructions to get the noise down to the required dB level,

Week-end work, and hours, produced a full Stainless Steel system for the Lamborghini.

Repeat offender Radni,was back on track tuesday with the results.

New re-packerble twin primary silencers, oval X [Balance] pipe configuration Centre Silencer finishing with duel twin exit tailpipes, just above the rear diffuser.

Out on the track the car performed impeccably with a steady string of laps, again in the hands of Ken Moen and James Appleby.

Russell was strapped into the car with Ken at a later stage, obviously to monitor noise levels, and everything was good. “I love it when a plan comes together” commented Russell.

“Next time I hope to be in the “Hot Seat” just to see how the GT3 performs” he continued.

Noise suppression is the key to any performance machine under track legislation, without it you cannot run.

This is the driving force behind this RS Performance Exhaust system on Radni’s Lambohrgini, and the majority of the performance silencers manufactured in the RS Fabrications workshop.

Call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445, for any of your performance upgrades.

Jaguar E-Type Re-packerble Silencer upgrade

A splendid example of an E-Type Jaguar was in a RS Fabrications for a pair of re-packerble silencers.

After running at the Goodwood 74th members meeting, the original silencer were deemed to be past their sell by date!!

Over to Russell, “What a fantastic car, it really is a nice to get your hands on a vehicle of this caliber, we removed the offending items and manufactured replacement silencers for this classic”

Ben took on the fabrication duties on the E-Type and manufactured a pair of period, re-packerble silencers. In what was a “calculated procedure”, the task was completed in just one week, getting the vehicle back up to its racing specification in time for its next outing to following week.

All this was completed within the refines of exhaust performance, noise suppression, and other criteria that is associated with current Racing limitations.

More performance updates to follow:-

Classics GT 40 at RS Fabrications

With a steady stream of classic vehicle coming through the workshop, as the racing season dictates, George was at RS Fabrications to pick up his GT40 this week.

A lovely recreation of the 60’s Ford Classic, the GT40 was in for a full set of manifolds and silencers.

Working from original Ford GT 40 Drawings, Neil fabricated the exhaust system in 1 3/4 Stainless Steel tube with racing merged collectors and finishing in a pair of custom silencers.

The GT 40, recently driven by Jodi Kidd at Reims, is destine for Le Mans this June, as it is the 50th anniversary for Ford finishing the 24 Hour race,  first, second and third in 1966.

George will be on hand for the celebrations, so look out for him along with his Gulf GT 40.

Call Russell or Sarah to book your performance upgrade:- 01327 354445.

Burning the Midnight Oil, Lamborghini Gallardo GT3

After a short conversation with Radni Molhampour, the GT3 Lamborghini GT3  [already on its way from Norway to RS Fabrications] arrived late Monday night.

Exhaust at 115dB and a test day Tuesday at Silverstone was the main Issue.

Large Cats were on the GT3 and Radni had a pair of silencers that were completely blown out of any Packing Material.

“Ben and I worked into the night, cutting open & re-packing the silencers” commented Russell. “we were also fortunate to have a pair of the correct size 90 degree bends to fabricate a pair of turn down tailpipes” he continued.

Fabrication and installation completed in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the Gallardo was loaded back into the Brian James Race Transporter 6 for the short run to the hotel, for what was left of the night!

Ongoing test reports were received during testing, as the V10 engine was still breaking the Silverstone noise limit at full chat!!

With a couple of visits back to RS Fabrications during the day, Radni and his Team managed to attach the additional cats to the tail pipes and continued to run, putting 32 Laps on the GT3, in the hands of Kenneth Moen and James Appleby.

Test session over, Back to RS Fabrications for a complete system that will perform, “under the gun” to complete the Lambo for another test Tuesday next week.

No pressure then!!

Update to follow…………..

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F1 Monaco Tyre Trailer

Monaco, on the F1 Circuit, requires a specific Tyre Trailer as the Pirelli tyre fitting area is down in the habour.

Working closely with Haas F1, RS Fabrications has manufactured a trailer to transport 4 sets of Wheels/Tyres for this application.

It may seem trivial, but the demands call for the task, F1 Spec Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Tube is the only option, not bad for the once a year event.

RS Fabrications, along with Haas F1, are looking forward to the Monaco Race in May 2016.

RS Fabrications/Towcester 2016, 1 Year On!

One year on from the move to the new RS Fabrications facility  in Towcester, things continue to move forwards at a fast pace.

Still some additional upgrades and work that has to be completed on the workshop, it is a juggling act with manufacture/fabrication and other work commitments.

With the start to a New Motorsport Season, things have been hectic to say the least! Late nights for the Fabbies [F1 on the grid in 2016] and then the Goodwood 74th Members Meeting and the Classic Racing Car support.

Russell was invited down to Goodwood, and Front Running Jaguar driver Fred Wakemen was on tap to shake down a Jaguar C Type to ” Rough it up a bit” and get to grips with the new addition!

Really, what a Car!!!!

First day out in Fred’s  hands, it truly is a remarkable Classic Jaguar, and Fred has no qualms and taking the vehicle to the limit as demonstrated at the Goodwood. meeting.

” Good Old Boy” is the term that you would use, and working closely with Blakeney Motorsport, RS Fabrications have built up a strong business relationship over the past few years.

With testing at Silverstone this coming week and Aston Martin GT4 Vantage support with David Appleby Racing, the pressure is still on, even at this stage of the Motorsport Calender.

With other RS Fabrications modified Classic Cars running at Goodwood, it seems like  “Jaguars R us”, based on what we have achieved, and moving forward we will continue to support the Classic Car Racing community with performance product.

Roll on the Goodwood Revival & the 75th Goodwood Members Meeting!

For further information do not hesitate to call Russell or Sarah, at RS Fabrications on 01327 354445. Get The Power!


RS Fabrications 10 Year Anniversary Milestone

A cold January 2016 and it looks like winter has finally arrived in Towcester, but it also  marks the 10 Year Anniversary for RS Fabrications.

Founded in January 2006, RS fabrications has gone through many changes since it was established in Banbury, but continues to support the Motorsport Industry in the Silverstone area.

“Its hard to believe we have been at the new facility in Towcester for a year now”, commented Russell ” Current workload includes support for a new Formula 1 Team [on the grid in 2016] , the new Ford GT40 assault in the USA and Le Mans later this year, and  other various classic racing cars in for modifications”

Repeat customer Dennis dropped off his Modified BMW 3 Series before Christmas for an RS Performance Equal Length Manifold [6 into 2 into 1], difficult to fit in on a RHD model, and the vehicle has a growing list of modifications for the upcoming season.

Vintage Racer Doddy, delivered his Sunbeam Tiger to the workshop for a new stiffer front anti roll bar and front suspension geometry changes. The Tiger is blisteringly fast but struggles with initial turn in, hence the changes. Testing and fine tuning will commence in March prior to the historical season.

Another GT 40 is in for a full exhaust system.

This particular example, driven by Jody Kidd at Reims, is a perfect example of this sought after classic.

Full factory configuration manifolds along with twin rear silencers will be required, all fabricated in Stainless Steel and Tig welded to the highest standard.

Full Web update to follow.

Contact Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445 for further details.