Lancia Stratos Secondary Link Pipe

John [Griff] Griffin contacted RS Fabrications on the availability for  a fabricated Stainless Steel Secondary Link Pipe on his immaculate Lancia V6 Stratos.

The Stratos painstakingly hand assembled by Griff had a temporary link pipe to get the vehicle running but was never the ideal component for the standard of the vehicle.

Obviously discussions between Russell & Griff persued, and the configuration and requirements for the Stratos were difined at this point. It was decided to keep the current manifolds and fabricate a merged Link Pipe to equal up the manifolds secondary lengths on the horizontal V6, mounted in the back of the chassis. Down the road, tubular equal length manifolds will follow in the development of this Vehicle.

Cost is always an issue with quality fabricated components, and Russell reminded Griff that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.










Ben 10 took up the duties on this one, and hand fabricated the Link Pipe section with the merged 2 into 1 collector using 316 stainless steel mandrel bends and laser cut flanges as required.

All items were gas purged and tig welded, by Ben, to the highest standard.

Results have been “very favourable” as Griff  mentioned, particularly after a Rally Forest Section where the exhaust note from the V6 echoed through the trees on the rally stage.

The Stratos is expected back at RS Fabrications for the V6 Tubular Manifold at a later date, update to follow.

For further information contact either Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445

Tickett Mini Sprint Bodyshell pick-up from Neville, Beslon, France.

cimg9603It was an early start Friday morning for the run down to Poole to catch the 8.30am Ferry to Cherbourg.

Running the Silverstone Car Sourcing Fiat Flatbed for the trip, once boarded, it was Full English and then head down in the Cabin.

Just over 4 hours and off at Cherbourg, the 1.5 hour run to Beslon was hassle free on the empty french roads and arrived at Manoir de l’Acherie in Sainte Cecile, a delightful Hotel just outside Beslon.

Neville Trickett had completed the MK 1 Sprint Shell and it was a delight to see his work, expertise and effort that he had put into the Mini in the front room of his Chateau. You appreciate what goes on behind the weathered front doors, it really is a class act!!

It was then Load up, strap down, cover up and a quick bite of lunch with Neville, and then back on the road for the return tip to Cherbourg, obviously stopping for Fuel, Foie Gras & as much Red Wine that would fit into the cab of the Fiat Flatbead.


Back at RS Fabrications, the Sprint Shell was unloaded set up for the work to continue.cimg9742

Neville has sectioned the shell, roof height and body height [Channeled], then tacked the Mk1 back together.

Doors, Bonnet and Boot have all had the same treatment, being sectioned to fit back onto the shell.

Welding and finishing of all the seams will be completed, and then it will be many hours to prepare the shell for Paint.



Final specification of the Trickett Mini Sprint are still to be determined, but the immediate decisions are for the spec on the subframes, suspension and running gear.

For any information or requests regarding The Trickett Mini Sprint, or similar projects, do not hesitate to call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445

Jensen Bodyshell Preparation, JIA & RS Fabrications Joint Venture

cimg9289Jensen International Automotive, the creators of the reworked Jensen Interceptors, have hit a new production milestone.

With Customer Vehicles leaving, and the Bodyshop & Spraybooth up to full capacity at the RS Fabrications facility in Towcester, JIA currently have Qty 3 BodyShells, in bare metal, at various stages of completion in Towcester with other interceptor vehicles arriving as the production schedule permits.

“We have a Interceptor R, an FF Jensen [4 Wheel Drive Derivative] and a Convertible R in the workshop at present, along with a customer Jensen Interceptor S in the Spraybooth, having had a new Front Panel and Roof Skin” commented Russell.

“These are all customer ordered Vehicles and we have a planned new model coming soon the Jensen Interceptor RS. This Sport GT Jensen is currently in the JIA Technical Centre Banbury for the additional RS specification upgrades.  The Interceptor RS [Sport/Retro Race Jensen] is anticipated for the end of the year, specification to follow on a future RS Fab web update. Consequently the JIA/RS workshop is at full capacity with Jensen vehicle production & Jensen RS performance development” he continued.

cimg9290acimg9545cimg9540cimg9550 cimg9538 cimg9536

Most donor vehicles require extensive body rework and it is a painstakingly slow process to bring the shell back to required standard. Jensen Body Panels/Parts can be obtained, but the majority of smaller bodyshell components have to be hand fabricated in the RS Fabrications workshop, prior to Bodywork prep and quality vehicle paint & finish.


Further Jensen Bodyshell & Jensen Interceptor RS updates To follow:-

RS Trickett Mini Sprint, Work in Progress with Neville Trickett.

cimg9328aAnother weekend another Mini Project.

With a trip down to Normandy with the current RS MK 1 Mini Bodyshell and a pre-arranged booking with Neville Trickett, the RS Trickett Mini Sprint is moving forward.

” I am really fortunate to be able to get in contact with Neville and for him to work on our Mini and make it into a Trickett Mini Sprint” commented Russell.

“Sarah and I drove to Beslon, Normandy with a Flatbed Truck to meet up with Neville & Lara at Le Chateau de St Fraguaire, where the Mini will be modified by Neville [now 82 years old] in the front room of the 16th Century building. The 1963 MK1 Shell just fitted through the double front doors, on a dolley and wooden runners,” he continued.

cimg9337The Chateau, come Workshop, will be home for the RS Mini Sprint for the next 5 weeks.

The Shell has spent the last 6 weeks at RS Fabrications undergoing extensive work, new Floor and Boot Panels, RH Rear 1/4 Panel, Inner Wheel Arches, Door Skins and complete Front End with new MK 1 Bonnet. As we know, you cannot purchase a new correct MK1 Shell, even from the Heritage, so the work involved is the only alternative.

cimg9327cimg9329cimg9330cimg9331acimg9332cimg9334 cimg9333cimg9335 cimg9324

After Blasting the Shell, the Mini spent 6 weeks at RS Fabrications with Fabricators manufacturing Body Spits and a Supporting Triangulated internal Frame. The Frame was then welded into the Door Apertures, prior to removing the floor and boot panel to hold the shell together. All other panels were Spot Welded/Mig Welded into place in succession, before the scheduled departure to France last Friday, via Cherbourg.


Hard to believe that 50 odd Years later Trickett is still producing the Sprint, a far cry from 1965 with Neville [Right] seen here having a casual chat with Sterling Moss.moss-ms-e side-view-ms-egallery-1479479727-gt-sprint-pic-3s-1a

The results are amazing, as seen in these period pictures, with Russell & Sarah looking forward to the return trip to France to collect the Sprint from Neville & Lara.

More Details to follow:-

Silverstone Charity Morning Out, Ton Upp [100 UPP Reg] Reunited

cimg9139Russell & Pete came together again over the 100 UPP reg number, currently on the RS 550 Spyder.

On a previous adventure, Russell & Pete collaborated, manipulated & fought, for the registration number 100 UPP, with the goal to extract the registration from Pete’s grasp,!!

” It was over a 2 year period that I had to debate and haggle with Pete over the number plate, the one that he had previously owned for 39 years” said Russell, ” so it was only fitting for Pete to be reunited with 100 UPP at the charity event, at Silverstone with Black n Rounds, even though the reg was on the RS Spyder and not Pete’s MKII Jag” !!

Pete drove the RS 550 Spyder from Towcester to Silverstone, with Russell taking on the duties with N440 RS, The RS Fabrications 4.3 Aston Martin Vantage, [traction control off]!!


David Lane was in attendance with his immaculate White 912 Porsche, so fun for all.  Well we say that, but David, the previous owner of the RS 550 Spyder [Obviously without 100 UPP Registration Plate], looked in dismay at the attention the Spyder was getting, especially with the new RS fabrications Performance Exhaust System.

I’ve never seen a grown man cry in public when he sees his previous” commented Russell ” but maybe it has something to do with David’s lack of sleep, and the 10 week old Baby Lane” he continued. At least not as bad as the Grouse Shooting adventure, Lol!!


cimg9133aBack at RS Fabrications, work continues with all sorts of fabrication work. Jensen Interceptor Bodyshell manufacture is moving forward with Qty 2 Bodyshells under construction and Mercedes [Top Secret], Wipac and Individual Customer work being undertaken.

Mrs V seems quite happy with her Porsche Boxter S, KISS SJV obviously, so it seems like the Smart Car will have to move on, no loss there then!!



Jensen Interceptor work continues with RS Fabrications in Towcester [Body Preparation & Paintwork], and in Banbury with Jensen International Automotive, Vehicle Build, Road Test & Commission of High Quality Jensen Interceptor Performance vehicles.


Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445 for further information.

alternatively,  Durran Heslop, at Jensen International Automotive

Much Ado about Nothing!!

jensen_may_4th_2017__17100 UPP was in the workshop for a new equal length RS Fabrications exhaust. Ben 10 performed the magic and produced a special performance exhaust for the Martin & Walker 550 Spyder, Russell’s latest acquisition!!

“Ben was tasked to fabricate the Exhaust System for the Spyder, and to be fair the detail was second to none, as expected” Russell reported ” the primaries being of equal length, along with the custom silencers, was a challenge to fit into the 550,s chassis/engine configuration, but completed to the highest standard in the workshop!” 

jensen_may_4th_2017__22jensen_may_4th_2017__20cimg9040cimg9042cimg9036 cimg9033

Happy days, as the install was completed in time for a run to the trimmer for a new Tonneau Cover, fitted by “Jerry the Trim” down in Weston on the Green.

cimg9065On another note, a recent trip to Santa Pod with the Jensen International demonstrater ended in a “no recorded time” finish.

Michael helped with setting the Vehicle up with Video & Data recording equipment, and with a few practice launches under his belt, Russell proceeded to the start box, after a brief tyre warming process. Green Lights and 480 BHP off the line, the poor Salisbury Diff said “enough is enough” and left for the day!! Bugger!!

Back to the Jensen International Automotive workshop, where the JIA Technicians changed the differential for a suitable replacement for the next adventure.

To be fair KEA 29N has received relentless abuse at various racetracks around the country, so it was time for some TLC back at Jensen International, differential, vital signs etc.

cimg9064 cimg9066 cimg9063

Production continues on the Jensen Interceptors, with full on bodyshell manufacture at RS Fabrications in Towcester and intense vehicle assembly at JIA in Banbury, with 9 Vehicles currently under construction, normally aspirated, supercharged and 4 X 4 variants.







A new Supercharged Jensen Interceptor demonstrator is in the JIA build schedule for The Goodwood Festival of Speed, at the end of June, and a rare RHD Convertible Jensen Interceptor has become available for sale, reluctantly from the owner.

With only 86 RHD Convertibles being manufacture in period, it is a very desirable and sort after modern interpretation of the Classic Jensen Interceptor Convertible.

Please contact Durran Hislop at JIA for further Jensen sales information :-

0845 519 5265

01844 210652



RS Fabrications & Jensen International Automotive Joint Venture

cimg8761aRS Fabrications and Jensen International Automotive have formed a partnership in the manufacture of the Jensen Interceptor, currently being built at the JIA facility in Banbury.

Russell, Sarah and David Duerden [JIA MD] have enjoyed a long business relationship over past 8 years with various components being manufactured at RS Fabrications , Towcester, see previous web updates.

“Exciting times on this collaboration” commented Russell, “RS Fabrications have taken over the body shell rebuilds on all vehicles, incorporating a dedicated Bodyshop at RS Fabrications, and I will be sharing my management duties between RS Fab and JIA, with Sarah & David supporting me at both facilities”. he continued.


cimg8714aThe Business Association started at the Race Retro 2017 Show at Stoneleigh, back in February, with the launch of new product.

The Porsche GT2 was a project undertaken by JIA, with RS Fabrications taking on the duties with the Turbo, Intercooler & Exhaust installation on the 650 BHP 911.

Russell was present on the Jensen Stand with David Duerden and Durran Heslop [JIA Sales/Marketing], liaising with customers and fellow industry associates throughout the weekend, along with a steady stream of Motorsport/Classic Vehicle Enthusiasts over the 3 day event.

cimg8713  cimg8699acimg8702a

The Range Rover, currently under construction in Banbury, will be on display along with the GT2 and Jensen Interceptors at Goodwood Festival of Speed in June, with Jensen International Automotive displaying a 3 Vehicle lineup over the 4 day event.

For Further information please contact:-

Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445

Altensativley, David  or Durran on 0845 519 5265 at Jensen International Automotive,





Racing Season Opener with Roll Cages at RS Fabrications

cimg8653aAt RS Fabrications there has been a run of Roll Cages and Exhaust Systems in preparation for the 2017 Racing Season.

Morgan Aero 8 previously had a rear cage but a full FIA Approved Cage was required, with additional A Pillar/Roof bars and removable Side Impact Bars.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for high powered race cars to compete with just a Rear Cage.

cimg8723 cimg8720cimg8671cimg8725 cimg8724 cimg8719cimg8598a

Aston Martins have become increasingly popular for Roll Cage installation.

Working from RS Fabrications Templates, the Tubes are bent up to Motorsport Specifications and Cages are Fully Tig welded onto vehicles/bodyshells, with mounting points and gussets fabricated as required.

All cages are supplied with Material Certification for FIA or MSA.


Feel free to contact Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445 for you Roll Cage requirements.

2016/2017 at RS Fabrications, wake me up before you Go Go!

cimg7220aE-Type Jaguar 40 FN has been back into RS Fabrications for the full FIA specification Manifolds and Exhaust sytem.

Regular contender at Goodwood, equal length manifolds were fabricated and  Qty 2 full systems have been completed.

Silenced  Twin Centre Rear Exit System with an alternative straight through Side Exit Twin Open System, and with Ben 10 taking over the fabrication duties on the Series I Jaguar, the balanced Systems have been designed, fabricated, Gas Purged and Tig Welded to the highest standard at the RS Fabrications Workshop, 2 Brackley Road.


Moving from 2016 into 2017 is a busy time at RS Fabrications, with Vehicle Fabrication, Formula 1 equipment commitments, and general Racing Car Component manufacture.cimg8523

David’s 911 is under construction with a full car build, details to follow, and with the rule changes in F1, some equipment has become obsolete so replacements have to be manufactured. Also with the logistical nightmare associated with the Formula 1 Season, sea freight items have to be accounted for, manufactured and delivered prior to shipment. For an example, the first Sea Freight has been dispatched for the Initial Championship Race, Melbourne, Australia March 26 2017. Some Sea Freight containers have yet to return from last seasons Formula 1 Championship Races, as one year rolls into the next relentlessly.


cimg8473aOther pending fabrications include Racing Intercoolers, Radiators and Fuel Tanks, for a Project that is currently under raps.

New RS Fabricator, Chi, has been taking on the duties on this project. and with his excellent Fabrication & Welding Skills, Chi has become a valued member of the RS Team and having worked with Russell previously, he has fitted in nicely at the RS Facility, Towcester.



Feel free to contact either Russell or Sarah during 2017 on 01327 354445 for all you Metal Fabrication requirements.

Jensen Interceptor production with Jensen International Automotive

Jensen Interceptor Exhaust production continues at RS Fabrications.

Working with Jensen International Automotive, RS Fabrications manufacture a number of components for the Jensen restoration projects.

JIA specialise in the installation of the Corvette engine’s into donor Interceptor’s and the performance exhaust system was developed and supplied by RS Fabs.

The current order was for Qty 2 full exhaust sytems, manifolds back, and the parts have been manufactured from current tooling.

RS Fabrications also supply the Fuel Tanks, and the Exhaust System is unique in that fact that if passes through the center of the fuel tank due to limitation in packaging on the Interceptors.

” The standard of finish on these Vehicles is astounding”, commented Russell. “and we have to produce products that are manufacture to the same high standard, which is what we do at RS”.

JIA are currently producing a new prototype Range Rover, built on a Discovery chassis and packing 580 BHP. They have commissioned RS Fabrications for a long list of fabricated components currently in process.  The Vehicle is in paint as we speak, web update and details to follow.

For more information contact:-


Jensen International Automotive 0845 519 5265/01844 210652

Alternatively, feel free to call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445