John [Griff] Griffin contacted RS Fabrications on the availability for  a fabricated Stainless Steel Secondary Link Pipe on his immaculate Lancia V6 Stratos.

The Stratos painstakingly hand assembled by Griff had a temporary link pipe to get the vehicle running but was never the ideal component for the standard of the vehicle.

Obviously discussions between Russell & Griff persued, and the configuration and requirements for the Stratos were difined at this point. It was decided to keep the current manifolds and fabricate a merged Link Pipe to equal up the manifolds secondary lengths on the horizontal V6, mounted in the back of the chassis. Down the road, tubular equal length manifolds will follow in the development of this Vehicle.

Cost is always an issue with quality fabricated components, and Russell reminded Griff that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.










Ben 10 took up the duties on this one, and hand fabricated the Link Pipe section with the merged 2 into 1 collector using 316 stainless steel mandrel bends and laser cut flanges as required.

All items were gas purged and tig welded, by Ben, to the highest standard.

Results have been “very favourable” as Griff  mentioned, particularly after a Rally Forest Section where the exhaust note from the V6 echoed through the trees on the rally stage.

The Stratos is expected back at RS Fabrications for the V6 Tubular Manifold at a later date, update to follow.

For further information contact either Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445