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Silverstone Charity Morning Out, Ton Upp [100 UPP Reg] Reunited

Russell & Pete came together again over the 100 UPP reg number, currently on the RS 550 Spyder. On a previous adventure, Russell & Pete collaborated, manipulated & fought, for the registration number 100 UPP, with the goal to extract the registration from Pete’s grasp,!! ” It was over a 2 year period that I had to debate and […]

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Much Ado about Nothing!!

100 UPP was in the workshop for a new equal length RS Fabrications exhaust. Ben 10 performed the magic and produced a special performance exhaust for the Martin & Walker 550 Spyder, Russell’s latest acquisition!! “Ben was tasked to fabricate the Exhaust System for the Spyder, and to be fair the detail was second to none, […]

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