cimg7220aE-Type Jaguar 40 FN has been back into RS Fabrications for the full FIA specification Manifolds and Exhaust sytem.

Regular contender at Goodwood, equal length manifolds were fabricated and  Qty 2 full systems have been completed.

Silenced  Twin Centre Rear Exit System with an alternative straight through Side Exit Twin Open System, and with Ben 10 taking over the fabrication duties on the Series I Jaguar, the balanced Systems have been designed, fabricated, Gas Purged and Tig Welded to the highest standard at the RS Fabrications Workshop, 2 Brackley Road.


Moving from 2016 into 2017 is a busy time at RS Fabrications, with Vehicle Fabrication, Formula 1 equipment commitments, and general Racing Car Component manufacture.cimg8523

David’s 911 is under construction with a full car build, details to follow, and with the rule changes in F1, some equipment has become obsolete so replacements have to be manufactured. Also with the logistical nightmare associated with the Formula 1 Season, sea freight items have to be accounted for, manufactured and delivered prior to shipment. For an example, the first Sea Freight has been dispatched for the Initial Championship Race, Melbourne, Australia March 26 2017. Some Sea Freight containers have yet to return from last seasons Formula 1 Championship Races, as one year rolls into the next relentlessly.


cimg8473aOther pending fabrications include Racing Intercoolers, Radiators and Fuel Tanks, for a Project that is currently under raps.

New RS Fabricator, Chi, has been taking on the duties on this project. and with his excellent Fabrication & Welding Skills, Chi has become a valued member of the RS Team and having worked with Russell previously, he has fitted in nicely at the RS Facility, Towcester.



Feel free to contact either Russell or Sarah during 2017 on 01327 354445 for all you Metal Fabrication requirements.