What do you call a Skoda with twin tailpipes?

A wheel Barrow!!!   Good job its a Family 4 Door saloon not a convertible or else it would be a Skip!! circa 1980!!

Bloody hell!, this Skoda, less than a year old, is Ballistic, trust me!

What started life as a 280 BHP Superb has morphed into a Savage 520 BHP Rocket Ship!!

Steve, normally seen lapping up the sun in the Med, had other ideas about his Vehicle. Family, family saloon? Not Steve!!

The journey that started with small increments, 323, 340, 345, 368, and a massive jump with a Hybrid Turbo to 460, ended up at RS Fabrications with 505.

Full Cat Back System, Qty 2 silencers in the centre section with a 1 into 2 split, ending up with twin silencers on the rear section and twin rolled in slashcut tailpipes finished in Satin Black.

” We managed to get another 15 BHP out of it with our system and trust me, the acceleration at 520 with 4×4 in a family¬†saloon was astounding. I took Sarah out for a run and she asked me to slow down as it was making her feel sick, that is the extent of the power in this Vehicle!! ” commented Russell

A quick blast up the strip at Santa Pod, produced a 11.4 E.T., not bad for a run to Tesco’s for some milk!!

Out with the family, things are regular, or as regular as they can be!

“Steve, what is that noise our car is making?”

“I’m not sure Darling, must be something with the VAG mapping issues, soz!, but it seems a lot better after my recent trip to RS”

Happy Days, this a brutal 520 BHP Family Saloon……………… not bad for a Wheel Barrow!!

For further information please call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445.

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