Straight off the back of the Burghley Aston Martin Charity Event, Dennis arrived at the RS Fabrications facility in Towcester last week for a pair of RS 200 cell Catalytic Converters for his 4.7 Vantage, a popular performance upgrade for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

A quick tour of the workshop, and Ben 10 took on the duties for the installation on the vehicle.

Dennis & Russell jumped in the RS N440 Vantage, a Road Test for Dennis, and a trip off to Greatworth Park to meet with David Appleby. David gave Dennis the tour around the GT4 Aston Martin Vantages that he is currently running in the British GT Championship, along with other projects at the David Appleby Engineering Workshop.

Back at RS Fab the installation was complete, so it was out in the 4.7 for the Road Test.

A quick blast up to the Silverstone Innovation Centre was enough to put a smile on the face of Dennis and a chat about other performance upgrades for his Aston Martin Vantage.

Dennis works off shore and splits his time 50/50, but he will be back to RS, first available!!

Call Russell or Sarah on 01327 354445, for your Aston Martin performance upgrade requirements.