Aston Martin V8 Engine Development is moving forward with David Appleby Engineering at their Engine Dyno Facility at Greatworth Park.

Rolling Road Dyno data is a good benchmark for any vehicle,  but actual engine power figures and engine development cannot be truly evaluated in this way. This is mainly due to anomalies associated with power train and transmission dynamics as well as temperature related issues on a static running vehicle.

It is also known that with Rolling Roads, they produced differing performance results on any given run/day, and the numbers are corrected to allow for these discrepancies.

With Engine Dynometer Testing, the hard data can be calibrated & analysed to better effect, alleviating these corrections that corrupt power data.

With the Aston Martin V8 Engine Programme. a joint venture between David Appleby Engineering & RS Fabrications, David has adapted his Engine Dynometer for the installation of the Aston Martin V8 power plant, which until recently has been used and is only available at the Prodrive Engine Dyno Test Cell, located close to RS Fabrications in Banbury.

The 4.7 RS version of the V8, seen here with the RS Fabrications Stage III manifold & Cat set-up, is a good baseline for further power upgrades and development, especially with the build of the Aston Martin Vantage Hill Climb Car, currently under construction at DAE.

“The beauty here with the Engine Dyno Facility, is that we can develop our exhaust manifolds and run the full exhaust system from the vehicle. Everything has to be taken into consideration, from the cylinder heads to the exit at the tailpipes. Development will highlight all the possible gains associated with our performance exhaust systems and the control of the exhaust gases” commented Russell.

Please contact Russell on 01295 266655 for further details