Difficult to locate in this picture, Leveable have manufactured a Balcony swimming pool with their moveable Rise & Fall Floor.

A challenging installation that is impacted by the fact that the pool is not square and has angled sides.

Finished with a teak decking, you would be hard pushed to notice that a swimming pool is lurking beneath!


Another triumph for Guy and the team in France, this opens up so many possibilities where space is of a premium.

Either indoor or out solutions can be found, and at RS Fabrications we are up for the challenge, whatever the limitations.

RS Fabrications are currently working on an installation that would incorporate a Hydro Physio treadmill.

The treadmill will be incorporated into a moveable floor that will enable it to be raised to walk on height and then the whole system would be lowered into the pool water for use in low impact cardio workouts.

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