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Aston Martin V12 RS Fabrications in association with Bamford Rose

Prototype development work started on the Aston Martin V12 manifolds recently. RS Fabrications and Bamford Rose have come together on this difficult installation to extract the most performance possible from the Aston Martin V12 Engine. Bamford Rose have forged a path in Aston Martin tuning and started work at the beginning of the year with RS on  the Vantage […]

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1956 Vintage Morgan gets Roll Hoop

In association with Brands Hatch Morgan, RS fabrications was asked to fabricate a roll hoop on Anita Lightstone’s 1956 4 seater Morgan. As each Morgan appears to be manufactured to different specifications, a template for the Roll Hoop was hand cut, and a hoop bent up in Aerocom 33 spec tube. This was then fabricated to fit […]

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